Fiona's Birds for Syria

Hello! I'm back!
Before I enter into my 'Mary plays Catch-up' game that I have to play all too frequently (spoiler alert: that is about to change), I want to bring Fiona Gibson's fundraising efforts to your attention. We are all aware of the horrific conditions and the plight of the Syrian refugees that are in the news. The stories are appalling, heart-breaking and frightening, particularly the stories of the dangers faced by thousands upon thousands of children caught up in this situation. But it becomes overwhelming, and so difficult to feel that we can do something to help.
Author and journalist Fiona Gibson ( has created a unique fundraising effort that allows you to support Save the Children's refugee fund and receive a beautiful, unique piece of artwork, while giving just £10. Recently, Fiona has been creating a series of mini birdcage artworks based on vintage postage stamps and it gave her an idea of how to raise some funds to support the refugee children. For a £10 donation via her JustGiving page, you can buy on of these gorgeous little pictures and help Save the Children's refugee fund. For more information. just click the link below. It will tell you everything you need to know.
Please help if you can...if you find yourself unable to donate, please spread the word.


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