Dept 51 Welcomes Jandy Nelson

Jandy Nelson made an appearance in Dublin yesterday as part of her UK and Ireland tour. (Sadly, I missed her...stupid cold.) did NOT miss this unique opportunity to meet the most incredible author of young young adult fiction. But if you did, you can, of course, still read her books...and please do, immediately.
Jandy writes with an eloquent, strong, voice filled with insight and feeling, both powerful and gentle at the same time. Her first novel, The Sky Is Everywhere, tells the story of 17 year old Lennie, who has always happily lived in the shadow of her fantastic older sister. But when Bailey dies suddenly, Lennie finds herself as the star of her own life and struggling with grief, love and all the conflicting emotions that haunt us throughout life. Heart-breaking and uplifting, filled with joy, this is a book that MUST be read.
I'll Give You The Sun, her latest offering, is no less compelling. Twins Jude and Noah were incredibly one point. The a family tragedy drives them apart and shatters their world. Told in the alternating voices of the twins, Noah at age 14 and Jude at 16 (after the event), each carries only one half of the story and must find their way back to each other. The impact of this book is breath-taking....beautiful, fearless and revealing. Just read'll see what I mean.
So, sorry to have missed you, Jandy. Safe home.


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