It's Eoin Colfer!!!!!

As you may have been aware, today we came to the close of Laureate na n'Óg Niamh Sharkeys' term. Niamh was a wonder for the past two years, and we have all been anxiously awaiting the answer to the question; who will be Irelands' third childrens' laureate? Well.....
...and I haven't stopped smiling since I heard the news. This is going to be sooooo cool! (Sorry, I'm a wee bit excited.)
Colfer was quoted as being "incredibly honoured and incredibly petrified" to be following in the footsteps of Niamh Sharkey and Siobhán Parkinson.

“I feel I am representing my family and my county and indeed all book people in Ireland, which is not something I mean to take lightly. I intend to spend my time spreading stories to every nook and cranny in the country.
“Nobody is safe. It doesn’t matter where you hide – I will find you and tell you a story,”

Quite frankly, I'm counting on it..... but right now, I'm going about the business of re-reading the Artemis Fowl series. Call it research.....


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