Rosemary Wells on the Importance of Picture Books

Today's post on Picture Book Month is written by none other than long-time picture book champion, Rosemary Wells. Wells' warm and timeless books have always been a favourite in my house, and I'm sure so many of you reading this have been familiar with her books from your own childhood. In her lifetime, she has produced over 130 books for children of all ages.

My favourite? Noisy Nora! This is a wonderful picture book that chronicles the experience of being the young child in the middle... Jack the baby gets loads of attention; her older sister is soooo clever (and so bossy), so all Nora can do is make a lot of noise. But what happens when Nora decides to leave?
Here's a bit of what Wells has to say on the topic "Why Picture Books Are Important":
"Picture books teach the child to imagine a world which is not immediately present.
They create a huge opportunity for parents to share golden talk time with their kids. Nothing on a screen can do this."
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