WBD 2013 Author Websites

To close off the World Book Day Extravaganza, I thought you'd be interested in our visiting authors' websites and blogs. So here's the list of where you can find these wonderful people and learn more about their books, storytellings, illustrations and what they'll be up to next.

Patricia Forde: http://www.patriciaforde.com/
                        This one may be an older site, but you can find Trish's updates on facebook!

Rab Fulton: Rab is another author/storyteller that you can most easily find and contact on facebook;
                    but there's also his blogspot: http://marcusmarcusthehurtingheart.blogspot.ie/p/about-rab.html

Alan Early: http://www.arthurquinn.ie/
                   The creator of The Father of Lies Chronicles has a website  devoted to all things Arthur Quinn. Check it out!

Maria Burke: http://thearkofdunruah.com/
                      Do have a good look at Maria's beautiful website, all about The Ark of Dun Ruah, giant eagles and blue owls and what is coming next. (There will be 8 books in the series!)

Sadie Cramer: http://sadiecramer.com/
                        Busy lady Sadie Cramer has a site which will give you everything you need to know about her work, her efforts to inspire creativity and original thought and her next big adventures.

Paula Leyden: http://thebutterflyheart.net/
                        Paula is always a delight! So interesting, so informative and so many wonderful tales to tell. Here's the link to her site where you'll get the inside stories on her books, her life and her upcoming book, The Sleeping Baobab Tree.

Debbie Thomas: http://debbie-thomas.com/
                           Debbie's books are SOOOOO much fun, and great reads to boot! If you want to find out more about her brilliant stories and what Squashy Grandma will be up to next, here's the place to go.

As for me, who filled in the blanks in the schedule with the greatest of pleasure (I always love reading to the kids) I hope you enjoyed my offerings, and.... well.... you don't need to know where to find me, because you're already here!


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