Call For Young Reviewers

As we approach the end of summer, I've been reorganising the Young Readers Recommend file at work. All of these guys do a fantastic job reading and reviewing books and I consider their input invaluable. I've always thought, if you want to know which children's books are actually really great reads, and brilliant for children...if you want a real opinion, ask a child.
As I said, I've been going through the files, and what I've found (sadly) is that the vast majority of the young reviewers are, well, growing up. So, it's time for a new group of reviewers to step in.
So, here's my call.... if you are between the ages of 9 and 13 years (or know someone who is), if you are a real bookworm (or know someone who is) and if you would like to be part of the 'Our Young Readers Recommend' team, here's what to do.....
1) Contact Mary (that's me!) at Dubray Books, 4 Shop Street in Galway.
2) Leave your name, date of birth, contact telephone number
And here's the procedure for reviews....
Chose a book from the stack you are shown to review (myself or one of my colleagues will be happy to show you the books). We will make note of the book on your file.
Take the book home and give it a good read.
Write a brief review. Include a bit of the storyline (without giving away any spoilers!) and not simply whether you liked the book or not, but why... what was good about it, what did you think needed improvement, etc.
You can rate the book in marks out of 10, or by giving it however many stars you think it deserves. Th review needn't be long, about a paragraph. And don't be afraid to say that you didn't like a book you've reviewed... that information is just as valuable as singing it's praises. You can take up to a month. Then return the book, along with the review..... and chose another one!
I try to print up the 'Our Young Readers Recommend' newsletter every month or (sometimes) two, but this depends on how many reviews I have to print.
So drop in any time and join the team! And all you parents, teachers and librarians out there, pass the word around to those children you think would be interested. This is the kids opportunity to have their say about what is good and not good in the world of children's literature!


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