'Spirit of the Titanic' Inspiration Finally Gets Headstone

The story of the 15 year old boy who plunged to his death while working on the Titanic is a touching one. So much so, that Nicola Pierce modelled her lead character in 'Spirit of the Titanic' after him. Re-imagining his life (and death) and subsequent haunting of the most famous ship in the world on it's maiden and final voyage, Pierce wrote a Titanic novel with a unique twist making it a fascinating and compelling read.
Now, just in from the BBC News, it seems that the real life Samuel Stone, who has been buried in an unmarked grave all these years since plunging to his death in 1910, is finally going to be honoured with a headstone. The headstone will be unveiled in Belfast Cemetery on Saturday as part of the Feile an Phobail festival.

(If you like, you can find my thoughts on 'Spirit of the Titanic' on the 'What ARE You Reading' page. I wonderful read!)


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