World Book Day Is Coming

Yes, I know it's January, and personally, the cobwebs are not out of my head yet. But, it is time for me to begin the preparations for World Book Day. For those of you who don't remember, World Book Day (this year on Thursday, 3rd March) is the day when we celebrate books and reading. For my part, the entire in my children's section is dedicated to bringing in school classes from all around Galway for a series of readings, workshops, quizzes, storytellers.... well ,you get the picture. For a full week (this year, again, Monday February 28th through Friday 4th March inclusive.) Last year (thanks to the efforts of the dedicated staff of Dubray Books in Galway), we played host to about 700 school children throughout the week, and it was BRILLIANT!

Part of the celebration involves children receiving, through their schools, a World Book Day book token (value of 1.50 euro) with which they can purchase one of the specially printed World Book Day books. The World Book Day tokens are redeemable for a limited period ONLY(Monday February 28th through Sunday 27th March inclusive).Every child gets a free book. Every child gets to participate in an event. And all for the pure enjoyment and entertainment that reading can bring. Check out your local schools to find out what they are doing to celebrate World Book Day. You might even what to volunteer to go into the classroom and do a reading or storytelling... or help the children illustrate their own books. The possibilities are endless!


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