Over the lockdown period here in Ireland, there has been a lot going on at Childrens Books Ireland, the national organisation for childrens' literature in Ireland. Much of this, of course, has been happening online and coming to us in our homes...the awards, a new Laureate na n'Og, the changing of the guard in the reviews editorial's been a busy time.
Within all the shifts and changes, CBI has managed to produce its new edition of Inis Magazine. (No easy feat, I assure you.) Now, here's the mega-exciting news about this edition. It is the 60th issue of this fabulous resource for kidslit bibliophiles's only available online!
This issue is one you simply have to read. Throughout the 46 pages of articles, editorials and of course, the book reviews, you will see all the activity that has taken place behind the scenes in our time at home here in Ireland. Included is a very interesting article by Kim Harte on "The Impact of Covid_19 on the Wider Childrens' Book Sector (very interesting!); a word from both our new Laureate na n'Og, Áine ní Ghlinn and our outgoing Laureate, Sarah Crossan and a beautiful article entitled "Reading Pictures" by librarian Robin Stewart, all about the wonderful 'wordless' and nearly wordless picture books of David Weisner where the written word drops away into the background and visual literacy takes the stage. David Weisner is an absolute master of visual literacy. I have long been a huge fan of his work. And, as always, there are the reviews of the newest and best books out for young people of all ages...including a few by myself.
So  download this special online edition of Inis Magazine issue 60, now. There's so much to get you through the summer. It's an amazingly informative delight for all.
And don't forget to join CBI to keep up to date with the very best in the world of childrens literature.


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