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This is the second book in the thrilling StarChild series by Australian author, Vacen Taylor.As some of you may remember, I reviewed the first book, The Age of Akra back in September. I was delighted to be asked to join the second blog tour and jump back on an unforgettable journey.

Before I begin, I just want to thank Rachels' Random Resources for including me in this blog tour. And many thanks as well to Vacen Taylor, author of the StarChild series for providing me with the book to review. You are both fabulous! 

author: Vacen Taylor
Odyssey Books (this edition 2018)
ISBN: 9781922200129
Having escaped the clutches of Amual and the Underworld, Mai, Long and Akra are resuming their journey to Valley of a Thousand Thoughts with their new companion Sahib, a sealer boy. Having not gone very far, they are attacked by sand slavers. Fighting them off, they now travel to the land of Naroan, the forested land of soulbankers, the regulators of life and death and keepers of souls. But all is not well. There is much to accomplish before they can continue their quest. With Sahib trapped by a slavers' collar, Long tormented by a dark poison coursing through his body, and war closing in, the four children must are bidden to unravel the mystery of the Silvershade, a pure hidden soul. They must locate the Silvershade before it falls into the sinister clutches of Amual and they are taken down a dark road of no return.
Continuing the journey from book one, The Age of Akra, this installment takes our heroes down a more sinister road. The fast-pace, non-stop action is even more consuming as new layers of the journey are revealed with pinpoint accuracy, insight and tension. The children are now in a land unlike anything they've ever known and there is a real sense of being "lost in the woods"; having to blindly trust the rules and wisdom of others while fighting for their own destiny to emerge. Long, as a character, comes to the fore here, being taken by a darkness inside him that promises his own glory, autonomy and power. All the while he is completely unbearable...detestable, in fact. At the heart of this story are a myriad of secrets and deceptions. This, balanced by the existence of something called the Silvershade, that pure soul essence, creates a fascinating, dramatic plot that keeps its' own integrity and 'pureness' throughout the book. Mystery, intrigue and a darker sense of foreboding pull the reader into a world beyond imagination. I can't wait for book three. This is a truly unforgettable journey!

About the author:
Vacen Taylor is a published author, screenwriter, playwright, an occasional poet, social welfare advocate, and amongst other things a support service provider. Writing works when there’s passion behind it and her stories always touch something in common or speak to the emotions in all human beings. Creating stories with richness and meaning is paramount in her storytelling. Expressing the uniqueness of self in her work using poetry and song is as much a requirement as world building with art and sculpture. All of which you will find somewhere in the Starchild Series.
For much more about Vacen Taylor, the StarChild series and all her numerous talents and pursuits, just follow the link to her website.

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