Gaspard Returns! Gaspard Best in Show

Happy Book Birthday! (Happy Publication Day) It's a real pleasure to see our wonderful, entertaining friend, Gaspard the Fox returns to the limelight today in his new picture book, Gaspard Best In Show. Based on the adventures of a real-life fox, Gaspard, Zeb Soanes has penned another story, illustrated by the marvelous James Mayhew.
Zeb befriended Gaspard, an urban fox who frequented his garden in London. His antics and adventures made Zeb think...wouldn't it be wonderful if, instead of seeing them simply as pests, we learned to appreciate the cleverness and wonder of foxes who, having their natural habitat taken from them on an increasing basis, have adapted to urban life; to value how much they add to our own lives and to envision a world where we protect them, enjoy them and understand them.
The first book, entitled simply Gaspard the Fox came to our attention last year and brought so much joy. And now, we have another exciting adventure...

author: Zeb Soanes  illustrator: James Mayhew
Graffeg Publishing (22 August 2019)
ISBN: 9781912654673
Gaspard is out and about, looking for his friend, Finty the dog. Peter (the cat) having nothing better to do with his time, goes along to help Gaspard, who doesn't quite know where Finty lives. Following his nose, Gaspard discovers there is a community fete happening in the park, complete with a Fancy Dress Dog Show. Finty is bound to be there! Fearful of being discovered; foxes aren't particularly welcome at a fete; Gaspard ducks under a clothing table and emerges tangled in a frilly shirt, with a pair of silky shorts on his head like a hat. Gaspard has become a Muskateer! And somehow, he finds himself the star of the Fancy Dress Dog Show....until it all goes wrong.
Another day in the life of an urban fox, and oh my! is completely delightful. With a gentle, flowing story line, this book still manages to pack in plenty of action and mischief with great characterisation. It gives the reader a hero they can believe in, an intrepid, bold explorer of the human world. James Mayhews' illustrations are exceptional, as always, with a natural palette, an abundance of expression and pure joy. This is a story of friendship, community, difference and acceptance. We could all learn a lot from Gaspard and his friends.
As with the previous, at the end of the book, there are many "foxy facts", some activities and this one even includes a bit about the Muskateers. You really need Gaspard on your shelf, whether at home or at school. Charming, warmhearted, funny, educational, as well...I love Gaspard!
If you want to learn more about the story of a real-life urban fox, Graffeg Publishing or James Mayhew, follow the links:


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