This year, 2018, is the year of the BOLD GIRLS! 
At Childrens' Books Ireland, a resolution was made to be bold and all across the country, those of us in the book world have resolved to join in.
On 8 March, we celebrate International Womens' Day worldwide. On this day, CBI will launch the BOLD GIRLS reading guide and campaign to mark one hundred years of womens' suffrage in Ireland and to celebrate the strong, magnificent and brave women and girls in childrens' books. Be it wonderful histories and biographies of those great women in times gone by or fictional female characters that defy social convention and the odds to bring a unique and exciting perspective, this guide will point you in the right direction.
We saw this literary movement truly emerging with GOOD NIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo; a wondrous collection of one page stories, each about a different woman from the past and present who has made an innovative contribution to history, science, the arts, human rights...and it's not just for girls! These stories will give each and every reader, regardless of gender or age, new and inspirational tales. Following this, we have had an amazing array of like-minded books highlighting women in science, women in sports, etc.
Just take a look at Siobhan Parkinsons' new ROCKING THE SYSTEM! Inside these covers you'll find twenty illustrated essays about those brave and bold Irish women who have defied social norms and changed Irish society in a variety of ways...and who continue to do so. With an introduction by Sabine Higgins, Irelands' First Lady and political activist, you will be enthralled with these womens' stories.
I'm sure you are all on social media sites. If you check out Facebook, Twitter and instagram, you will already see some posts honouring our current and fabulous BOLD GIRLS of the book world. Claire Hennessy, Judi Curtin, Jane Mitchell, Fatti Burke...and so many others will be sharing their BOLD GIRL status with the world up until the launch day! Check them all out!
And, when I come across a new book, fact or fiction for children of all ages that highlights the BOLD GIRLs incentive, it will be here for you all to see.
Go on, the BOLD GIRLS!
For more information, here's CBI's link:


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