Remember Summer?

Wow! Time we are, almost in the middle of September. So much has been happening inthe world of books, I hardly know myself.
I thought I'd start by giving you all a quick glimpse of some of my bestsellers of the summer.... so here they are!
My summer best-sellers
One of my great joys in working at Charlie Byrnes Bookshop is that, not only do I get to recommend wonderful brand new childrens' and YA books, but I have access to a steady supply of the not-so-new-but you-have-to-read-it-right now books. The twelve in the photograph on the left were my best-sellers of the summer. Letters From The Lighthouse and The Bookshop Girl ran a competitive race for the number one slot, but all the others were not far behind.
And, I also have to add the Kapheus series by Marguerite Tonery to the list. So many people, both young and old are really plugged into Elisa and Jamie's story as they navigate between their daily life in the west of Ireland and Kapheus, the fantastical world of light.
Kapheus Bear

Of course, the celebration of 20 years of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone brought another surge in interest in all things Hogwarts. So with the 4 new 'house editions' of the Philosophers Stone and a Harry Potter celebration brought a phenomenal number of new witches and wizards into the fold... I honestly still can't keep them in stock. (p.s. I;m sure I mentioned before; I had the best fun with the party; especially the Sorting Hat!)

Storytime is always very popular, with between 25 and 30 (or more!) young story lovers coming in every Saturday at 11. The picture books are enjoyed by young and old... the readers, listeners, parents, aunties and uncles, grandparents...and bears, of course.
Favourite picture books from the summer months
LB loves he is planning

Pop in some Saturday, if you're passing. Everyone is more than welcome.

LB on the Kids table

In August, some of my colleagues went on a book-buying expedition. (A huge thank you to Ruth and Michaela!) This filled my tables and shelves with an exciting number of really great books for all ages of young people. And the book clubs started back up after a summer hiatus. All the 9-11's are raring to go. One of the group, Fiona, made this exceptional set design based on Captain Underpants, which is 20 years old now, I believe...and still entertaining us all.

And was September. And the new books are coming thick and fast. But more of that's a photo of my 'Fantastic (New) Books and Where To Find Them shelves. (Hint: they're right here!)
Thanks for reading!


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