November is Picture Book Month!

I hope you have all been checking out the Picture Book Month site and enjoying the various 2016 Picture Book Champions posting daily. Each one has a different thought; a different perspective as to why picture books are so important in the lives of children...well, really in all our lives, young and old. Each day gives us even more reason to celebrate the artistry  and allows us to consider in new ways what the printed picture book has to offer in the world.

So far, the month was opened up by Carmen Oliver, author of Bears Make the Best Reading Buddies. (Wonderful book, by the way.)
"In a world where everything moves at such a fast place, picture books remind us to slow down and savor time reading with someone we love. To tuck into a favorite reading place or share a lap and be transported and transformed. And in doing so, picture books create memories we will have for eternity"
Then there was Ashley Wolff, expressing her thirst for adventure, exploration and thrills  in a safe and secure platform which she then transformed as an adult into In The Canyon. Adam Lehrhaupt talks about the development of our own story-telling abilities. Alyssa Satin Capucilli remembers the gifts of comfort, familiarity and developing a sense of belonging in the wider world. Jan Peck gives consideration to what makes a reader and book-lover. Marita Gentry speaks of the importance of the tactile quality of a physical book and how that allows a child to develop a sense of a personal creative journey. And todays' offering by Josh Funk, creator of Pirasaurs! lets us experience the world of fine art that lives vibrantly in the world of the printed picture book. Amazing!
But so far, I think my favourite has been from Pat Cummings. Pat discusses the importance of the picture book in how it allows the child to develop a sense of the world, of humanity and of how to understand others, behave with other. It is in how they offer a sense of stability that may not be present in the day to day world and to allow the child (or adult, let's face it) to seek solace and hope through that. I'm saying this badly. Here's Pats' own words:
"Why are picture books important? Because story is how we learn. And while we are still forming, an appreciation for good art and design should be woven into our consciousness at the cellular level. But mainly, picture books are important because I believe every child deserves to be indulged. Every child should have access to a world where loving parents are the rule, good intentions prevail and challenging problems lead to satisfying resolutions if only you’ll just turn the page"
I hope you will continue to follow along Picture Book Month 2016, or if you have joined yet, please do now. There is so much that you wouldn't have thought about, trust me. I have been working with childrens' books for quite some time now and am a life-long reader of childrens' books, and I find some new and exciting perspectives each year through Picture Book Month.
Read on, dear friends....and always look closely at the pictures!


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