November Is International Picture Book Month!

November 1st each year is the beginning of Picture Book Month, an international literacy initiative that celebrates the (print) picture book. Each day throughout the month,there is a post for a different picture champion explaining why he or she thinks picture books are so important. In this busy and all too digital world, picture books need love and attention. We sometimes forget the sheer wonder of physically turning the pages of a beautiful picture book, of being able to enter that world; to go back and forth within it and embark on a journey of discovery and joy, whether we are very young, or not so young any more. So, during the month of November, you are invited...all of you worldwide, to remember, to reconsider and to fall in love with picture books.

You can follow along on the calendar above to find the picture book champion and their theme for the day. Each post will encourage you to read, share and celebrate the magic of picture books, whether in a school, library or at home. (And it is perfect for all the homeschoolers out there!)
I am a huge picture book fan (as you probably know) and believe that actual, physical picture books are one of the most important art/literary forms we have. You are never too old for picture books! Or too young, for that matter.
Here's the link. Get involved! Celebrate! Remember the joy and keep it with you always!


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