World Book Day Extravaganza 2016 - Day 1

It was a very busy Day! I would like to thank Nicola Pierce for once again sharing her time, her books and her incredible enthusiasm for writing, history, reading and reaching out to the school children of Galway. This year, Nicola spoke about her wonderful 3rd historical novel for young people, Behind The Walls. We had 4 class sessions in today (and will for the remainder of the week!) Today, we hosted a total of 115 school children...all of whom were delighted and entertained. So, my thanks to the kids (and teachers) of St Michael's Boys School, St Nicholas Parochial School and Scoil Iognaid. It's really all of you who make this the event that it has become year after year and who serve to delight and inspire me! Here's a few photos. ( computer is playing up again, so I didn't get to transfer as many as I should have. I'll fix it and add more later.) Enjoy!


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