Hello October! Here come the books!

October is my favourite month of the year for soooo many reasons. And one of those reasons is the release of all the books heading into the seasonal round-up. While many try to get ahead of the game by releasing early, from this point forward, you will see new books on the shelves of your local bookshops and libraries day by day...I promise.
So, as every year, it's the perfect month for Childrens Books Irelands'  Childrens Book Festival (KidLitFest), with it's theme this year, READ EVERYWHERE. Events, Storytimes, and activities will be taking place near you throughout the month of October encouraging children to get involved with books. Reading is for everywhere and every time; not just schools or libraries. So, look around. Find an event. Illustrate a new cover for your favourite book and READ, wherever you are!
Having trouble finding the right book for you. CBI has the answer as always! Pick up a copy of the Inis Reading Guide. Just head into the library to collect one; they're FREE! And with over 270  books reviews over 84 pages, if you're between the ages of 0 through Young Adult, you'll find something in there to interest you. (If you read carefully, you'll even find a few reviews by yours truly.) How will you recognise the Inis Reading Guide? Just look for the brilliant cover illustration by Yasmeen Ismail, author/illustrator of one of my favourite new picture books, I'm A Girl!
And then, if you're still stuck for reading recommendations, CBI's own Book Doctors will be touring around, setting up their clinics and reading, willing and able to give you the right prescription to sooth your reading woes. Why, the Book Doctors will even be on hand during Galways' Babaro Festival (but more about that in another post.)
CBI is really excited for you to share your photos of YOU, reading everywhere. Follow the link below and you can find out more about this. Please note: there will be prizes!
Finally, the always exciting, always popular O'Brien Press Cover Design Competition is up and running. O'Brien Press is very keen to give young designers and artists an opportunity to see their artwork gracing the cover of a book. The book that has been selected for a redesign this year is  Conor's Canvas by Gillian Purdue. Imagine your cover design on a book that will turn up in bookshops and libraries across the country.....
WOW! That's a lot! And it's only just started. So get out there and have fun. But most of all...READ EVERYWHERE! (And let's see those photos! I'll be looking for you....)


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