The Cilip Carnegie & Kate Greenaway 2015 Awards

Earlier today (22nd June) the announcements were made for the 2015 CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway award medals at the British Library. It is quite unusual and interesting that both medals were awarded to an author and an illustrator who both have taken non-fiction, historical themes for their work.

Winner of the Carnegie Medal for 2015 is Tanya Landman for her book, Buffalo Soldier. This outstanding novel  was inspired by the story of Cathy Williams, a freed slave after the American Civil War who disguised herself as a man and joined the US Army during the Indian Wars as  William Cathay. Taking this one extraordinary move by a bold woman, Landman crafted the tale of Charlie O'Hara; a young woman who comes across the body of a dead soldier and in a bid for freedom and autonomy assumes his incredible story that sings with a true strong voice. A most deserving winner of this prestigious award.

The years Kate Greenaway Medal has been awarded to  Shackleton's Journey,
illustrated by William Grill. Grill gave a fresh, contemporary feel to an outstanding, at times unbelievable true story, that of Ernest Shackleton on his iconic expedition across Antarctica, while still managing to capture a sense of that historic time and the place. Haunting, atmospheric with an overwhelming feeling wonder.

Congratulations to both winners.


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