Vendetta by Catherine Doyle

I want to offer my congratulations to Catherine Doyle on the publication of her first novel, Vendetta (Blood for Blood). Catherine is a young author (24 yrs. old) from the west of Ireland, and judging from this first book...all I can say is wow!
Vendetta is an intense crime-thriller with allusions to Romeo and Juliet that will leave your head spinning. Family loyalty, love, and revenge are stretched to the limits by the brilliantly drawn characters. Fantastic!
Dangerous, captivating, feverish and poignant; Vendetta promises much, and delivers. The first of a trilogy, I can't imagine what will happen next.
My review is up on the Young Adult page on this blog. I would recommend it for readers 14's gritty and heart-stopping.
So congratulations Catherine...and thank you Chicken House! A very welcome addition to the young adult reads...different and brilliant! 


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