Books for winter!

I hope you are all enjoying the Advent Calendar of Books. It is one of my favourite ways to share a selection of wonderful books to make the winter and the holidays a wondrous time. Nothing beats snuggling up with a great book. This is a habit I encourage from childhood through to old age.
In the bookshop, I've devoted a shelf in the 8-12 section. A small but fantastic selection to warm the heart, mind and imagination in the dreary winter months. I thought I'd give you all a glimpse.....
From left to right, the books are:
The Twistrose Key by Tone Almhjell...a favourite from last year, now out in paperback. And what a gem it is!
The Haunting of Charity Delafield by Ian Beck....a magical dream of a tale that transports you from Charitys' privileged isolated world into another realm.
Winterkill by Kate Boorman...The Councils' rules are strict and suffocating, but necessary for the good of the settlement. Grave danger awaits any who venture to the other side of the wall.  But when Emmeline hears the trees beyond the wall calling, she just may find a way to escape.
The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper....this is a masterpiece of a magical tale. There is a strange atmosphere in the village as Christmas approaches. But on the eve of his 12th birthday, Will makes a shocking is up to him to vanquish the evil magic of the dark and bring back the light.
Moominvalley in November and Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson...quirky, exquisite, humourous and thoughtful; the Moomin books are wonderful! These two are the perfect winter reads.
The Winter Horses by Philip Kerr....In the midst of a freezing winter, Kalinka fights to save two rare horses from Nazi extermination.
The Black North by Nigel McDowell.....Twins Oona and Morris fight to save to save the Divided Isle from savage invaders from the Dark North. Eerie and consuming; based on Irish mythology and legend.
Waffle Hearts by Maria Parr... a tale of friendship, loyalty and adventure. There is something warming and reflective for this time of the year. A real gem.
North Child by Edith Pattou....based on the fairy tale 'East of the Sun, West of the Moon, an evocative telling of journey, self-discovery, love and sacrifice...enchanting!
Oh, yes....and Milo, our bookshop fairy wants to say hello and show off his seasonal decor. (He may have gone a bit over the top for some tastes, but I think it's great!)


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