Summer Readathon

I've always said the biggest joy I have in my job is the kids and their books. At Dubray Books (all the branches), we are hosting a Summer Readathon! I know that summer is well under way... and some of us may even be turning our thoughts towards September and the start of another school year (NNNOOOO!!!!), but it's not too late to join the Readathon. Each week, there are goody bag prizes for the top readers of the week... and in Galway, each week we have a raffle. All the names of that weeks' readers go into a hat and a name is chosen for a free book! So whether or not you've read the most books that week, you could still be a winner.
And... here's the best part.... EVERY BOOK COUNTS! That's right.... old favourites you want to read again; picture books you like to read to younger brothers/sisters/cousins/friends/yourself; comic books; graphic novels; big, fat juicy novels; chapter books; factual books; biographies; any books you may be reading in your local library for their summer reading challenge, any books you call into the shop and read to younger people; if you're reading it, I want to know..... but no magazines, newspapers or cereal boxes, please.
Just pop in to Dubray Books and pick up a readathon form, fill it out with whatever you are reading and get your parents, librarians or booksellers to sign off that you've read the book. Then contact me by the end of each week with the number of books you've read. And don't forget to leave your contact details so we can contact you when you win! And come in to the shop and check out our 'Readathon Star Wall'!
Why am I doing this? Personally, I'm nosey. I want to know what you guys are reading... on your won, without school, without teachers, without homework... what do you like to read? What do you choose? What are your favourites?
Don't think it's too late... it's never too late for a good book! (Ages 7 to 12-13)


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