Galway Students Write A Book

Here we are at the end of the school year! But before Galway itself gets caught up in all the excitement of summer with it's festivals and parties, there is something you really do need to know about.
The Galway City Home School Community Coordinators are a group of dedicated teachers who have the role of liaising between the home and school to promote a number of literacy initiatives in the local schools and community. The Write A Book initiative has followed on from the One Book One Galway back in November and through this has come the production of a very special work. With the students working very hard, collaborating between an twelve of area schools, the students took on the task of writing an illustrating what has turned out to be a great story! The end result has been published and we now have:
"A story of a long lost Chalice known as the Luadog Chalice, captures the imagination of Grandad and his grandson Ruadan. Armed with a map, compass and his Grandad's journal - assisted by his sister Riona, they find the missing Chalice.
Their amazing, exciting and sometimes terrifying adventure starts in Galway and has them magically transported to distant lands following the path of the Volvo Ocean Race.
The secret of their safe return home lies in protecting the precious Chalice."
Diarmaid O'Riordan (acting as coordinator for the project) pointed out the emphasis on this project was to get the students reading... to get them excited about reading, and to help them develop increased literacy skills. That aside, the book itself is a wonderful read! The story is well thought-out, well expressed and how on earth you accomplish that between twelve schools worth of students working on a project is just a miracle. It is a exciting adventure that you'll get caught up in and won't want to put down. Well done to all involved. You should be crowing with pride!
Please get behind this wonderful book. All profits from its' sale go to charity... and it's a project I think we should want more of in the future.


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