Sea2Sky Festival in Salthil

Tomorrow sees European Researchers Night arrive in Salthill for the first time ever. This event show cases science on a grand scale, totally  800 venues in 320 cities across Europe celebrating this momentous event. Ireland's participation will take place in Salthill, Galway as the Sea2Sky festival. This is a free, family-oriented event at which hundreds of scientists will showcase their work in variety of fields including Astronomy, Marine Science and Atmospherics. There will also be a variety of musical and entertainment events for the young and old.
"Exhibits throughout the day will allow the public to learn more about whales and dolphins, take a 3D tour of the universe, tour the Galway Atlantaquaria, check-out scientific demonstrations, and take part in a variety of other hands-on activities.
Scientists will be on hand in the main exhibition hall in Leisureland where stands will display areas of science from energy research and marine life to the study of the solar system. Visitors will have a chance to explore the mini-sea exploration vehicle which was used by scientists in the recent discovery of hydrovents deep in the Atlantic."
Our good friend and storyteller extraordinaire, Rab Swannock Fulton will even be there to delight us all with 'Wonder Tales for Youngsters' at 4:30pm, 'Magical Sea Tales' at 5:30pm and 'Scary Tales (for older children and adults) at 6:30pm - all in the Circus Tent at Leisureland and all for FREE!
THis, plus a host of displays, demonstrations and free admission to the Atlantiquarium and all it's exhibits...from 11am through to 11pm.
Here's the programme link. It's a can't-miss-event!


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