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Nightmare Club Website and Events

First of all, oh... I'm just going to add the poster! Nightmare Club events are happening all over Dublin straight through March. My suggestion? Read the books, get yourself out to the events....:
....and join the new Nightmare Club website!!!! With books, games, activities, a chance to write your own story... there's even a Nightmare Blog. (I dare you....)

New Titles From Little Island

Little Island has just release THREE new books and they are fantastic! Having just read them all, I am currently working on the reviews, so you'll find them up shortly on the Irish Authors and Publishers page, but here's a quick glimpse:
The Wormwood Gate by Katherine Farmar:
Julie and Aisling have never gotten on. When they are bickering one evening after leaving a party, the pair are nearly run down by a strange white horse with a red mane. Upon picking themselves up off the pavement, they find themselves in unfamiliar territory. The entire city seems changed.  A merhorse speaks to them of strange events. Three castles for three Queens of the City blaze on the horizon... and they are captured by seagulls and held captive in the Tower of Light. Will they ever find the Wormwood Gate and get back to the Dublin they know?
The Nightmare Club: The Demon Babysitter by 'Annie Graves'
Annie Graves and 'friends' are back with another creepy tale from the Nightmare Club. …

World Book Day Count-down (and O'Brien Books WBD Book)

World Book Day is on it's way! In just one week, at Dubray Books Galway branch, we will begin the World Book Day Extravaganza. Just to give you a reminder of what that means; while World Book Day itself is Thursday, March 7th, at Dubray Books Galway, we celebrate all week long, with school events happening everyday! And have we got a line-up this year!!!! In addition to some favourites (including Patricia Forde and Rab Swannock Fulton) that I can always count on to donate their time and talent to a select number of Galways' school classes, we have Alan Early (Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent, ...and the Fenris Wolf), Maria Burke (The Ark of Dun Ruah) Paula Leyden (The Butterfly Heart) and Debbie Thomas (Dead Hairy and Jungle Tangle). And, of course, I will be there to fill in any gaps and thoroughly enjoy myself sharing my favourite books with the kids.... so get your "Wild Things" ready to roar their terrible roars. (It's become a tradition....)
I also need t…

Wendy Quill Is A Crocodile's Bottom!

My super, wonderful friend in the UK, Wendy Meddour has a new book coming out in May....... Wendy Quill Is A Crocodile's Bottom. I've had a sneak preview (well, I've read the proof copy) and I have to say, it's just brilliant; funny and filled with heart! And... get this... illustrations, which are lively and fab, are done by none other than Wendys' own daughter, Mina May! Now, you can get a quick preview of Wendy Quill..... in the trailer above, (illustrations also done by Mina May.)
Wendy Meddour's other books include: A Hen In The Wardrobe and The Black Cat Detectives (both Cinnamon Grove adventures.)

Waiting for World Book Day.....

In the run-up to the World Book Day extravaganza, I've been busy, busy, busy. Organising readers, booking in school classes and making sure I've plenty of books on hand for all to enjoy! There isn't long now! And, as always, I'm really feeling the anticipation. So, here's a look at my pre-World Book Day feature selection, centring around a fantasy-esque theme with nearly all of the wonderful author/storytellers who are donating their time and energy to entertain and amaze a host of enthusiastic kids from local school classes. (Hope you guys are ready for this, because this is going to be GREAT!)
And I can't forget to mention the brilliant Rab Swannock Fulton, who has not written a children's book, but is one of the finest storytellers around. Here's a shot of Rab in action previously:

(Oh yeah, I'll be there as well.....)

CBI Book of the Year Awards

It's also time to give some consideration to the CBI Book of the Year Awards! Each year, CBI assembles a panel of experts in the field of childrens' books and these wonderful dedicated people spend A LOT of their time pouring over numerous submissions to determine the best childrens' books published over the last year. Given the quality of submissions, I don't envy these good folks at all. So spare a thought for this hard-working team.

CBI Conference 2013

Things have certainly been manic around here.... no time to stop and think at all. But I can't neglect to let you know (IF you haven't heard already) that the annual Childrens' Books Ireland conference is coming!!!! That's right; the agenda has been set, the delegates selected and the venue has been booked; so we're all set for a fantastic weekend (May 18th and 19th) filled with the fun and excitement that only childrens' literature can provide. So if you are a childrens' book enthusiast, be sure not to miss this fabulous event, the theme of which is Rebels and Rulebreakers!
Here's the speaker list:
Translator, festival curator and journalist Sarah Ardizzone
‘Prince of Preschool’ Hervé Tullet
Bestseller John Boyne
Comic book heroes Sarah McIntyreAlan Nolan and Rory McConville
Claude the Dog’s creator Alex T. Smith
Author of The Weight of WaterSarah Crossan
Brazilian author Ana Maria Machado
Cló Mhaigh Eo publisher Colmán Ó Raghallaigh
Recent Caldecot…

RIP Jan Ormerod

I have just learned of the death of a most wonderful author and illustrator of books for young children. Jan Ormerod has passed away at the age of 66. Her simple and eloquent picture books have touched the lives of many, many children since the publication of the very first one, Sunshine, in 1981. In her latest, Join the Zoo Hullabaloo!, she teamed up once again with illustrator Lindsey Gardiner and expressed the pure joy and laughter of childhood. (This was previously published as The Animal Bop Just Won't Stop.) Her inspiration was always found in her children and her keen observation of their mannerisms and antics, and this always ran through her work.
R.I.P., dear Jan. Thank you for the gentle and warm legacy of children's books you left us all.