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Dreams and Nightmares! CBI Conference 2018 Day Two

Day Two:
Again greeted by Elaina Ryan there was an opening presentation of two of CBI's incentives for this year (along with other enlightening information.) The Bold Girls initiative has been running all year.
For the centenary of womens' suffrage in Ireland, Bold Girls has aimed to present and inspire girls and young women and celebrate strong, confident, intelligent, forward-thinking women and girls through childrens' books, giving them high-visibility alongside their male counterparts in literature. If you  haven't picked up the Bold Girls Guide yet, it is available through CBI and at many bookshops in Ireland. With hundreds of book recommendations for all ages, it is indispensable.
We also talked about the Robert Dunbar Memorial Libraries and the progress of this unique endowment through CBI. I won't say much about this here, because I have a lot to say about it later on. But it is a programme very dear to my heart, in that it makes possible the establishment…

Dreams and Nightmares! CBI conference 2018 Day One

The highlight of my year; of many years now, in fact; is the Childrens' Books Ireland conference. It is a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues, meet many new kidslit folk and glean more knowledge about what is being published, what children want to read at every age and gain more focus and enthusiasm. It is so incredibly wonderful to be surrounded by people who understand your passion and energy for childrens' literature. All of us always go home with a greater amount of knowledge and a hefty amount of childrens' books to read. Frankly, it's just so much fun!!! I would recommend attending if you have an interest in childrens' literature; authors, illustrators, publishers, teachers, kids booksellers...really anyone.
This year, for two days we were treated to 'Dreams and Nightmares' (as the theme of this years' conference) from some of the most exciting authors and illustrators working in childrens' books. It cast a magical spell over us al…

Dreams and Nightmares! CBI Conference 2018

In just a few short days, Dreams and Nightmares, the Children's Books Ireland International Conference 2018 will arrive in Dublin. This is the highlight of the annual CBI calendar, and the highlight of my year, as well. The weekend long event celebrates the very best in childrens' books and gives us a moment to reflect on the importance and the impact that literature has on the lives of young people. Each year, speakers are invited from all around Ireland and the world to give us a taste of what's happening, what's new and what we need to do to further promote, not just literacy, but the joy and wonder of childrens' books. There is so much information to take in; so many aspects of childrens' literature to be considered. I always arrive back home rejuvenate, re-energised and with a new reading list as long as my arm. This years' speakers include M G Leonard, Abi Elphinstone, Melvin Burgess, Oisin McGann, Patrice Lawrence, Kelly MCaughrain, Lydia Monks, two…

And a few Roald Dahl Quotes to Make You Think and Smile

Here's a little something extra to celebrate Roald Dahl Day...a few of my favourite quotes:

Happy Roald Dahl Day 2018!

About Roald Dahl:

Each year, the 13th of September is marked in the childrens-book-loving-world as Roald Dahl Day, to celebrate one of the most beloved and imaginative storytellers of our times, if not ever.  The date was chosen, of course, because its' Roald Dahls' birthday. Born in Llandalff, Wales in 1916 to Norwegian  parents, he was named after Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer who had been the first man to reach the South Pole. This set a high mark for him and while it may have been a heroic start, his early years were filled with tragedy due to the tragic deaths of both his older sister, Astri and his father. Roald was sent to boarding school, where his early memories inspired the childhood memoir Boy and, an event where students were offered  to trial chocolate bars inspired his iconic book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As a young man, he got bit by the 'travel bug', going to Canada and then to East Africa where he worked …

The Wonky Donkey

This has been making the rounds on all the social media sites and with good reason.
A Scottish granny is (trying to) read the wonderful picture book, The Wonky Donkey to hear little grandchild. There is such delight and joy in this video...what reading to children is all about!
The Wonky Donkey is written by Craig Smith and illustrated by Katz Cowley (based on a song written by Smith in 2005.) It is published by Scholastic.

Roald Dahl Day is coming!

Roald Dahl is on its' way! This Thursday, 13 September is Roald Dahl Day (because it's his actual birthday) As with every year, there are loads of events both online and around you, as well as party packs and activities on the website that you can share at home or in the classroom. All you have to do is register and get planning...FAST!
This year, the focus is on the wonderful book, James and the Giant Peach. In fact, this weekend is James and the Giant Weekend! To start yourselves this week, I'm going to recommend you grab a copy of James and the Giant Peach and spend the next few days enjoying it together.
Log onto the website to discover the activities you can create and I'll be back on the 13th with a James and the Giant Peach blog, including some Roald Dahl trivia. See you then!
Get ready!

Fallen Star Stories: Books of the Month: September 2018

Fallen Star Stories Books of the Month September 2018
September came quickly this year. Summer is over and we are all settling back into a rountine. Be sure to keep reading for fun as part of that! These are my favourites for the month. All of these are newly published and are reviewed on the various review pages of this blog.  Don't Go To School by Máire Zepf, illustrated by Tarsila Kruse and published by Futa Fata; Mucking About, written and illustrated by John Chambers and published by Little Island; You've Got A Friend by Judi Curtin, published by The O'Brien Press (and if you haven't read the first two in the series; Time After Time and Stand By Me, please do!) and finally, The Price Guide To The Occult by Leslye Walton, published by Walker Books (for 14+.)