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Do Bugs Wear Shoes on Halloween? (Do Bugs Wear Shoes Blog Tour)

It's Halloween!!!! Time for ghosts, witches and goblins; things that go bump in the night...and what's that scritching and scratching in the corner or under the's a creepy-crawly!!! Oh, those bugs! They do give us a fright any time of the year...but especially at Halloween. But maybe, just maybe they don't deserve their spine-chilling reputation. After all, they are fascinating. I think we need to learn a little bit more about bugs, don't you? Fortunately for us, there is a brand new book, filled with facts, bright, lively illustrations and the answers to all your most pressing and silliest bug questions!
Do Bugs Wear Shoes? by Addie Broussard and Anthony Puttee is available now for all the budding entomologists out there. It even tells you what an entomologist actually does! And what a 'bug' actually is...very important before you go accusing a creature of being one. bugs wear shoes? What is that stinky smell...pppeeewww! Do bugs have to…

The Season of the Witch

Here we are...the 25th of October. We all know what that means. In just a few days numerous little ghosts, ghouls and monsters will be knocking on the door demanding 'Trick or Treat'. And the witches! Oh the glorious witches! (I saw a few walking past earlier in a school Halloween Parade.)
In the book world, witches are always popular. We love a good witch story...something spooky that hints of magic and mischief and sometimes, sheer terror. Particularly this year (and the previous as well) witches and books about hauntings have come to the fore. So, for this special time of year, LB Koala and I thought we'd share a few of my very favourite witchy/ghosty books (MG and YA) for you all to enjoy while the nights are darkening and autumn is casting its' magical spell on us all.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill (out in 2017) is a wonderfully magical story about a young girl, abandoned in the woods and raised by a kindly, elderly witch. Her guardian feeds her on …

Fallen Star Stories Books of the Month: October 2018

I do apologise. I have been quite remiss in posting Octobers' Childrens Books of the Month. So much has been going on. The books are being released at a fast and furious pace now. (I won't mention the 'C' word...but you all know why.) It's hard to keep up! But here they are now! A little something for everyone. You can find reviews and recommendations for each one of these on the various pages and posts. Just a recap on the selections: Mr. Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon by Sally Gardner, illustrations by Nick Maland; Zephyr (Head of Zeus) publishers My Secret Dragon by Debbie Thomas; Little Island publisher Seaglass by Eloise Williams; Firefly Press publisher Dragon Post written and illustrated by Emma Yarlett; Walker Books publisher The Pooka Party written and illustrated by Shona Shirley MacDonald; O'Brien Press publisher Each one of these truly captured my heart and imagination and I know you will love them!

International Day of the Girl

Since 2012,11 October has been designated the International Day of the Girl by the United Nations. This day seeks to address and highlight the needs and challenges faced by girls in the world today, while promoting empowerment and a fulfillment of their human rights.
This year, the theme of International Girls' Day is "With Her: A Skilled Girlforce" and promotes the idea that girls really can do anything and make sure they are just as prepared to enter a world of work that is being transformed by innovation. But not only do girls need to be provided with exceptional education and training to hold their own and excel as they enter the workforce. They need to be provided with examples and role models. And from my view...with fabulous books that challenge the imagination, bring joy and that sense of 'boldness.'
I will remind all of you out there about CBIs' "Bold Girls" incentive; a promotion of books highlighting girls and young women who take the le…

Who Loves Dragon Post! We Do! - Day 5 Dragon Post Blog Tour

Dear Friends,
Alas, we come to the end of this wonderful blog tour celebrating the release of Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett, published by Walker Books. Dragon Post is out in the wild and available at all good book shops everywhere. So don't forget to pick your copy up! It really is brilliant!
And the letters to imaginary friends from the talented and creative children at St Nicholas School (Waterside) have all been sent! Hopefully, they hear from their friends soon. And perhaps you have been inspired to write to your own imaginary friends, find out what they've been up to and let them know how things are going for you.
I hope you have enjoyed them all. along with the beautiful artwork displayed on these pages and on their letters.
Thank you for joining us.
Best dragon regards....
p.s.  Here are the last couple of letters, and one from me!


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We Love Dragon Post - Day 4 Dragon Post Blog Tour

Dear Friends,
I am astounded by the variety of letters the young students of St Nicholas School (Waterside) are sending off; the imagination and attention to detail, the types of imaginary friends they address and the joy in their work!
Their response is engaging and simply delightful. It has allowed them not only to hone their letter-writing skills, but to simply and freely explore certain concepts like care and concerns for the needs of others, asking questions (a very difficult thing to do!) and actually explore the possibilities of others' lives, developing empathy and simply having fun!
Here are a few more letters for you to enjoy!
Best Dragon Regards,

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It's Time For...Dragon Post! - Day 3: Dragon Post Blog Tour

Dear Friends,
The importance of picture books such as Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett  cannot be underestimated.
Far from a simple, yet captivating tale story with bright, colourful pictures; though it IS those things, certainly; a book like this sparks the imagination and fires a desire for creative play and learning. It opens the doors of curiosity and allows a young reader to step through.
In Dragon Post, we are invited into the world of a child who has to use problem-solving skills, ask for help, develop discretion, the meaning of friendship and responsibility. This is accomplished by creating a safe environment in which we can all explore these things. As the child gets older, they carry these behaviours and skills with them, along with a sense of wonder, joy and observation.
Besides, who doesn't like to read other peoples' post? You can do that here...and not get in trouble.
Here are some more letters from the kids at St Nicholas School (Waterside). I think you'll agree…

We've Got More Dragon Post! Day 2- Dragon Post Blog Tour

Dear Friends,
LB and I are back with more Dragon Post from the kids at St Nicholas School (Waterside). LB has been sorting and I have been reading and there is so much to talk about in these letters.We are having a wonderful time looking at them over and over, and I hope you will, as well.
Isn't this a fantastic way to celebrate the release of Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett (published by Walker Books)? Who doesn't like to read other peoples letters?!
Some of the letters are just 'catch-up' letters...the what are you doing, how have you been, I hope you are having a good time in (wherever the friends are.) Some of them are letters letting their friends know what the children have been up to. Some of the letters give advice. And one letter in particular stood out...a letter from one young man who hadn't had an imaginary friend before...this is really great!
My favourite bit; "It is nice in the real world. Hope to see you soon."
Here's a few more letters, i…

We've Got Dragon Post! (Dragon Post Blog Tour from Walker Books)

Dear Friends,
LB and I are very excited to be part of this blog tour celebrating the release of Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett, published by Walker Books.
The idea is to post letters to our imaginary friends. Personally, I don't like to think of them as imaginary friends. I think of them as "friends that are very real, but it just so happens that other people may not be able to see them." (And PLEASE do not refer to LB as an imaginary friend. He gets very prickly if you do...and as you may not know, there is nothing worse than a prickly koala!)
We wanted to do something different...something special to celebrate this wonderful new picture book. So we teamed up with these guys... meet the 3rd and 4th class kids from St Nicholas School (Waterside) here in Galway. Aren't they great! They grabbed their paper and pens and imaginations and have written a marvellous collection of letters to friends near and far, imaginary and real asking questions, talking about life and givin…