Thursday, April 30, 2015

End of April...and Book News for May!

Well, it's been a busy, busy April and May starts tomorrow with the books rolling out! I am very excited about the upcoming titles (and a few out already!)
First of all, The Wordsmith by Patricia Forde has just arrived in the shop! This is one of the best books I have read in quite some time. A dystopian novel written for ages 10 + that lends thought-provoking excitement and mystery about language and the (possible) future. My glowing review is on the Irish Authors page, but don't take my word for have to read this one yourself!

The second bit of news has me as excited as the first....and a bit nervous. On the 9th of May, I'll be in Celbridge launching the newest, wonderful book by Debbie Thomas; Class Act. This story chronicles a bit of the life of school boy Brian O'Bunion. Poor Brian...his entire existence seems pretty pointless. His teacher hates him. The whole school ignores him. And his Dad hasn't bought him Coco Pops in over two years. Brian feels like he's  disappearing. And then, one day, his classmates actually do begin to disappear; one by one. So Brian steps up and mounts an investigation that reveals the truth about his Mum's amber ring, a deaf gardener who is really a bug-eating madman and a whole lot of honey bees. Filled with adventure, mystery and Curly-Wurlys.... a fantastic new book filled with friendship and humour. Love it! (SO....wish me luck!) And Class Act is available NOW!

Then...and this is just a quick mention as details will follow..... I'll be hosting a storytime at Dubray Books Galway branch on 30th May featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar (and other 'buggy' books) by Eric Carle. Pencil it in now, because it's going to be fun....and very buggy!
There will be much, much more coming.... so stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cuirt International Festival of Literature 2015

The Cuirt Festival is in full swing now, with all manner of literary types roaming the streets of Galway and many, many wonderful events on offer. This year, Cuirt is celebrating it's 30th year and the programme is fabulous!
But we are concerned with what's on offer for the young among us here. There is plenty for the kids, school event and other wise.
Tomorrow, the Cuirt Labs will be presenting their Scroibh sessions....a writing event inspired by Fighting Words in Dublin. Fantastically exciting and inspiring in it's own rite, the Scroibh sessions will keep young writers talking for ages!
Other Cuirt Labs sessions will feature authors, illustrators, film-makers....just brilliant! of all, I think, The Book Doctors will be on hand this Saturday at 12 noon, down by the Spanish Arch. Don't know what to read next? Having a book dilemma? You need to see a Book Doctor! No appointment is necessary. Just drop in and the Book Doctor will have the right prescription! (No jabs or nasty tasting medicine...promise!)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Towers and Tales Upcoming!

Happy April, by the way! Things have been a bit manic here up until now, so I haven't had the chance to say it. I hope you've all been enjoying all the good things spring brings with it....and reading loads of the fantastic books that have been coming out (rapidly since the beginning of's hard to keep up!)
I know I mentioned this briefly before, but a brand new childrens literature festival is on it's way. In fact, it's happening this Saturday, 18th April in the historic castle (and town), Lismore. The Towers and Tales Lismore Story Festival will feature a line-up of the best of the best in childrens books. So, if you haven't done so yet, I would whole-heartedly encourage you to make your way to Lismore for a really fantastic day.
You'll be able to see such wonderful and fun childrens author/illustrators as :
- the amazing Philip Ardagh...and find out what's been happening with the Grunts, Eddie Dickens and so many other of his creations. (Mustn't forget the fantastic Grubtown Tales...)
- Shane Hegarty, author of the new, exciting Darkmouth.
-Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, whose has written so many picture books and novels for young people, I couldn't possibly attempt to list them. But, I will say they have won the Bisto/CBI Book of the Year Awards four times! (Oh...all right...personal favourite: TimeCatcher...and I'm a Tiger, Too.)
-Chris Riddell (did you hear me...Chris Riddell!) will be there to tells us all about his illustration work, and let us meet Ms Ada Goth and Ms Ottoline Brown!
- Niamh Sharkey will encourage our own illustrative talents with the ever-popular Monster Doodle!
......and many more!
Here's the link so you can find the programme and book yourself in. Please a big hello to everyone from me. I'll be at work....selling childrens books and creating my own kind of kid lit fun (as per usual!)