Bath Kids Lit Fest Blog... The Big Blog Story

Bath Kids LitFest has launched the Big Blog Story! This is a really exciting online event that includes 20 collaborators (some are well known authors and bloggers). It's a story that's written in real time, and allows you, the reader to follow the trail as it moves from blog to blog.... an addition to the story will be posted at each stop. The Big Blog Story runs from the 8th of September (that was yesterday!...yikes!) through the 16th October. The first installment is already posted on the Bath Kids LitFest Blog, and all you need to do is click through to the next installment from there. Installments are posted every other day. The schedule is posted on the blog, as well... so you know exactly where you're going and when! You'll find such people as Marcus Sedgewick, John Boyne, Lauren Kate, Annabel Pitcher, Joanna Nadin... and, as you can see, the possibilities with this are endless.
Exciting stuff from the Bath Kids LitFest!


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