Twilight Robbery.... as part of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize Club

The latest article from the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize Book Club involves commentary on the latest book from one of my favourite authors, Frances Hardinge. Twilight Robbery follows the further adventures of Mosca Mye and Eponymous Clent as the travel (well... run for their freedom and lives) through the Fractured Realm. I've left my (brief) thoughts on both Twilight Robbery and Fly By Night to be found on the 'What ARE You Reading' page of this blog. But here's the link to the Guardian article.. there's lots of ways for you to get involved with the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize Club, so check it out! And, Frances Hardinge is asking you to review her book! (second link).
What I would say is, you simply have to read both of these books. They are adventure stories, (alternative) historical fiction, fantasy... books involving issues such as friendship, loyalty, belonging... with a bit of politics and revolution involved. And basically, especially because they are so well-written with brilliantly described characters and a beautifully imagined world, they are cracking reads. Fly By Night remains one of my all-time favourites.... what do you think?
Follow this link to watch Frances Hardinge tell you why you should review her book.....


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