Bath Children's Literature Festival

The Bath Festival of Children's Literature will run from September 24 through to October 2nd this year. This is one of the most incredible celebrations of children's literature anywhere in the world.
This year will see such talents as Jeremy Strong, Roddy Doyle (!), Cressida Cowell, Simon Scarrow, Alex Scheffler... the list is endless! And, just announced with much excitement, Christopher Paolini will be appearing at the BathKidsLitFest on Saturday, 30th September! The fourth book in the Inheritance cycle (Eragon, etc.) will be launched on the 8th of November. (And we have been waiting quite a while, so the excitement is building!)
If you can make a jaunt over to Bath (still, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful city in the world!) to enjoy the sights and the BathKidsLitFest, well, you've simply got to go!


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