Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent

Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent is a brilliant new book, just out now, by Alan Early, published by Mercier Press. And, having read the proof, I have been waiting for this book..... it is brilliant! Fast-paced, thrilling; it begins the Father of Lies Chronicles in which something wicked has awoken under the streets of Dublin. And it's just Arthur Quinn's luck, that just when he moves to the city, it notices him. Combining the present day with the ancient Norse gods.... this book is just wonderful!
The trailer is a small teaser to wet your appetite, and you'll find more trailers associated with it, if you're wanting a bit more. But seriously, run out and get this book NOW! You won't regret it.
(Yes, I know...I'm just a wee bit enthusiastic about it.)


  1. Hi,

    Cool blog, I was at his book launch last night and have read a bit of the book - looks great! Cant wait to finish.


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