Shirley Hughes talks about her new picture book

 In this YouTube video, produced by Walker Books, the amazing Shirley Hughes talks about creating her new picture book 'The Christmas Eve Ghost' and about the art of creating picture books, in general. We have here a brief, but intimate glance at Shirley Hughes at work, and a rare opportunity to hear her comments. In regard to visual literacy and it's role in the development of reading, she says something so perfect about the importance of picture books that I'm quoting it here for you.

 "...the importance of picture books is that they give them (children who can't yet read) the chance to go through a story, to look-respond visually at their own pace long before they can read, and if they get that, you've got them. I reckon they'll turn into readers." (Shirley Hughes)

'The Christmas Eve Ghost' by Shirley Hughes will be available September 2010.


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