'Pile Them High, It's Summertime' from the Irish Times

Here's a great article from today's Irish Times encouraging summer reading for children. Throughout the school year, children are somewhat limited in their reading due to time constraints with classes and homework, etc. Summer is the perfect time for children's reading. The days are longer, they have loads of time and they aren't being directed as to what to read...children can make their own choices. And during the summer, reading is for pure enjoyment. So, I thoroughly agree......Pile Them High!

Great encouragement and support can be found at your local library or bookshops where junior book clubs and story times are regularly held. Or, if you can find nothing local, why not encourage your children and their friends to create their own book clubs?... And perhaps best of all....just let them read. Great comments in the article (link below) by John Connolly, Joseph O'Connor, Siobhann Parkinson.. and CBI's own Mags Walsh. Which reminds me...if you want to keep up with what's current in children's literature in Ireland, check out Inis magazine, the quarterly publication of Children's Books Ireland.



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