Booktrust Announce Partnership Between Letterbox Club and Siobhan Dowd Trust

This is absolutely brilliant news!
Booktrust has announced a new pilot partnership between Letterbox Club and the Siobhan Dowd Trust. The Letterbox Club was formed in 2007 to improve the eductaional opportunities and outlook of looked after children between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. In receiving funding from the Siobhan Dowd Trust they are now piloting the Letterbox Club Green for 60 looked after children across the UK between 11 and 13 years. The children will receive a  parcel of books, maths games and stationary supplies. The bright green packages are sent directly to the children.
"Booktrust is thrilled that Letterbox Club, now in it's third year, continues to thrive. To have been awarded funding from the Siobhan Dowd Trust at this point gives us enormous scope to develop parcels for older children and is a huge endorsement of the programme."
(Marian Keen-Downs, Letterbox Club Programme Manager)
The Siobhan Dowd Trust was formed in 2007, just a few short months before her death at the age of 47. It was Siobhan's intent to leave this legacy to support disadvantaged young readers.
Let's have many more initiatives like this please.

(It is also worth reminding everyone that Siobhan's fifth short novel, or rather the bare bones of it, entitled 'Mistress Yew' is to be finished by Patrick Ness and will be published by Walker Books in May 2011. Siobhan Dowd + Patrick Ness? Now that I AM looking forward to)


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