Henri Matisse: Drawing With Scissors

The Galway Arts Festival begins on Monday, 12th July, and one of the highlights for me will be the exhibition at the Galway City Museum, Henri Matisse: Drawing With Scissors. This will feature 35 original lithographic prints of Matisse's seminal papr-cuts which were produced during the last 4 years of his life, when the artist was largely confined to his bed. It will include many of his iconic images which have had incredible influence on art, design and children's book illustrations, such as The Snail and Tristesse du Roi.  While adults seem happy to debate the content and context of this work, I've always found that children automatically get it! It's also a must for fans of Miffy and Maisy. And an absolute must for me. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity!!! And it's free.


  1. How long will it be on for, Mary?

  2. From the 12th through the 25th July, as far as I know. Whether or not it extends beyond the Arts Festival dates, I don't knwo.
    Let me know if you're coming to Galway.


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