More Than This by Patrick Ness

The most amazing thing happened just a few days ago. I received a proof copy of Patrick Ness' upcoming book; More Than This. (And, if you don't mind my boasting a little, a signed and numbered proof copy, no less... thank you Patrick Ness and Walker Books.) So, having 6 or 7 pressing deadlines to meet, of course I put those down and read this book immediately. WOW!

More Than This is at once powerful and sensitive; a portrait of, not just that sense of teenage longing, but the longing we carry deep within us throughout our lives, no matter how we try to deny it. It speaks of yearning, loss and discovery. There is also a poignant testament to the function of memory... what memory really does for us, how it works. Add to this the unexpected introduction of a dystopian nightmare, and what Ness has given us is overwhelming, important and true. More Than This speaks to the heart, and takes it on an sublime journey.
Coming in September...please, please read this book!


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