Judith Kerr Turns 90

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On the 14th of June, one of the most beloved and brilliantly whimsical children's author/illustrators, Judith Kerr, will celebrate her 90th birthday. To honour this achievement, (and hanging in there until the age of 90 is quite an achievement, if you ask me) HarperCollins Childrens Books is publishing Judith Kerr's Creatures:A Celebration of the Life and Work of Judith Kerr. A sumptuously illustrated volume, it chronicles everything about the author who gave us the Mog books, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, etc and lets us in on the development of her creatures and stories.
Also being released simultaneously, there will be a new edition of When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit, Kerr's semi-autobiographical of a young Jewish girl who is forced to leave home to escape the Nazi regime.
After over forty years, Kerr has been creating wonderful books that entertain, intrigue and give us pause for thought. A very Happy Birthday, Judith Kerr... a great accomplishment all the way around.


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