World Book Day Extravaganza - Final Day

Today marked the fifth and final day of the annual World Book Day Extravaganza. And what a wonderful day it was! Four sessions catering to a total of 117 children, all enthusiastic, all with brilliant ideas and questions and a huge love of reading... this is what we love to see!

The star attraction for our final day of events was a visit from Debbie Thomas, author of the fantastically funny, wonderfully written and wildly imaginative books, Dead Hairy and the new Jungle Tangle. The kids really loved Debbie.

While chatting about writing, creating characters and plot lines and how her books came into being, you could sense there were some truly gifted writers just waiting for their moment to emerge. This was the perfect way to round off a week of excitement and fun.
Thank you so much, Debbie!
And a huge thank you to all 599 brilliant students and their teachers, who make the World Book Day Extravaganza the best week of the year.


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