WBD - The Biggest Book Show On Earth

From those fantastic folks at World Book Day:

"The Biggest Book Show On Earth will be streamed LIVE via www.worldbookday.com at 11am on Thursday 7th March 2013! If you have registered to watch (and if you haven’t there’s still time to do so HERE), ensure that your audience will be able to enjoy the show by making sure you’ve done the following technical checks in advance of the event.
  1. You should test your set-up in your venue as it will be set up on the day.
  2. Please make sure you can see the on-demand video after registering or logging in.
  3. Ideally, everyone would be watching from one room/location, but your IT dept/local technicians will be able  to help you find out if you can watch in either one or more classrooms.
  4.  Please ask your IT dept/local technician to test your internet bandwidth speed at www.speedtest.net. Each classroom will require 1 megabyte download speed minimum (ideally 3 megabytes DL speed). If you only have this speed for the whole school then only ONE classroom/assembly hall will be able to watch the show at one time (if more watch the show the stream will start to buffer and break up).
  5. Any problems, please contact your local technical department or wbdsupport@streamuk.com
Enjoy the show! And don’t forget you’ll be able to watch it again on-demand on www.worldbookday.com from Friday 8th March."

So for those of you out there who won't be making it to a World Book Day event, don't dispare! World Book Day Has you covered.



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