World Book Day Count-down (and O'Brien Books WBD Book)

World Book Day is on it's way! In just one week, at Dubray Books Galway branch, we will begin the World Book Day Extravaganza. Just to give you a reminder of what that means; while World Book Day itself is Thursday, March 7th, at Dubray Books Galway, we celebrate all week long, with school events happening everyday! And have we got a line-up this year!!!! In addition to some favourites (including Patricia Forde and Rab Swannock Fulton) that I can always count on to donate their time and talent to a select number of Galways' school classes, we have Alan Early (Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent, ...and the Fenris Wolf), Maria Burke (The Ark of Dun Ruah) Paula Leyden (The Butterfly Heart) and Debbie Thomas (Dead Hairy and Jungle Tangle). And, of course, I will be there to fill in any gaps and thoroughly enjoy myself sharing my favourite books with the kids.... so get your "Wild Things" ready to roar their terrible roars. (It's become a tradition....)
I also need to alert everyone... O'Brien Books World Book Day book this year will be:

Ask Eva by Judi Curtin
Two new stories from the hugely popular author of Eva's Journey, Eva's Holiday and Leave it to Eva. Yes, Eva Gordon is back, solving problems in her own special way.

So.....get ready, get set.......

(and here's the link for even more information on Ireland's World Book Day)


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