Waiting for World Book Day.....

In the run-up to the World Book Day extravaganza, I've been busy, busy, busy. Organising readers, booking in school classes and making sure I've plenty of books on hand for all to enjoy! There isn't long now! And, as always, I'm really feeling the anticipation. So, here's a look at my pre-World Book Day feature selection, centring around a fantasy-esque theme with nearly all of the wonderful author/storytellers who are donating their time and energy to entertain and amaze a host of enthusiastic kids from local school classes. (Hope you guys are ready for this, because this is going to be GREAT!)
Featured authors include: Maria Burke, Alan Early, Patricia Forde, Paula Leyden, Debbie Thomas
And I can't forget to mention the brilliant Rab Swannock Fulton, who has not written a children's book, but is one of the finest storytellers around. Here's a shot of Rab in action previously:

(Oh yeah, I'll be there as well.....)


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