Young Adult Reads

author: Patrick Ness
Walker Books (4 May 2017)
ISBN: 9781406331172
It's Saturday. It's the height of summer. And today, everything changes...absolutely everything. Outside a small town in the Pacific northwest, a ghost has risen and is acting out an eerie, confused mythology while the towns' residents go about their normal lives. Adam Thorne, son of the local, highly respected minister, is planning to attend a summer party at the lake, while preparing to go to work, making plans with his best friend, his concealed boyfriend... just another normal Saturday. But what Adam doesn't know is today is the day when his life is going to fall apart completely. But perhaps, when it does, Adam will find freedom hidden within its' release.
An incredibly personal, tender look at the uncertainties of coming-of-age,  Release is beautifully and brutally honest, heartfelt and simply stunning. It examines family life and the constructs of social structure with an exacting, sometimes shocking eye while never once dipping into the realm of sensationalism. His use of the supernatural/mythological serves to provide backdrop of explanation as to why these things are and to demonstrate the iconography that exists in human life. It says the things we feel, but cannot prove. And all the while, Release gives us a story; true, emotional and all too familiar. The wonderful and the earth-shattering, the weird and completely ordinary all collide to form one day that alters, not just Adams' life, but that of the reader. And the journey through that day is breath-taking. Any review simply cannot do it justice.

author: Jane Mitchell
Little Island (23 February 2017)
ISBN: 9781910411582
Ghalib doesn't want to leave his hometown of Kobani; he doesn't want to leave Syria. But the war...the constant random bombings, the skeletal ruins of burnt out buildings, the soldiers and snipers everywhere...have made it a far too dangerous place. His family begins a long, arduous journey on foot that takes them across Syria, through Aleppo to the border in hopes of crossing into Turkey. Life in a refugee camp is hopeless and equally dangerous. In spite of the efforts of aid workers, it offers little respite. Again they leave, paying all they have to make the equally perilous crossing across the sea to Greece, and hopefully, to mainland Europe. But their journey is far from over, and security is more elusive than ever.
Based on true events, this is an incredible, dramatic story of one boys' search for refuge. The circumstances are truly harrowing; the tale told, compelling, shattering and still filled with courage and the strength of the human spirit. It is a necessary story and one that gives great understanding of the plight of thousands upon thousands of children who are, in fact, making that crossing everyday, against all odds. The characters are painted with genuine, realistic impact, as their lives are laid bare. (Their names are taken from the names of actual Syrian children who have died as a direct consequence of the war in Syria.) Friendship, trust and hope are fleeting things, as Ghalib desperately tries to hold on to his family. Each page is filled with tension and upon finishing, the reader will be left to wonder how anyone can survive...if they could survive. Yet it is also filled with little miracles that interject hope of something better. The story ends abruptly, on a cliff-hanger that will give the reader pause for thought. We do not get to see the end of Ghalibs' story; we can only cross our fingers and pray for the best...whatever that is. Powerful, moving, courageous and intimately insightful, A Dangerous Crossing will leave you, not only with a different view of the war in Syria and elsewhere, but questioning our own humanity. Endorsed by Amnesty International, this is a must read for our times.
(Also read: Chalkline by Jane Mitchell) 

author: Alice Broadway
Scholastic (2 February 2017)
ISBN: 9781407172842
In Saintstone, each resident has their entire life tattooed on their body...every act, every deed, every significant moment; always on view for all to see. When they die, their skin is removed and compiled into a book of their life. It is then reviewed and it is decided if the book will stand as testament to a good life for which they will be remembered, or destroyed and forgotten forever. The biggest threat to society is the Blanks; those without tattoos whose lives cannot be read and are considered dangerous and subversive.
Leoras' father  has just died. As the family wait for the verdict on his Skin Book, Leora discovers that his book has been 'edited' and his life story is incomplete. A dark secret has been withheld from her all of her life and now, her whole world is under threat.Everything she thought she knew, everything she believed is called into question. But her father was a good man. He deserves to be remembered; doesn't he? As Leora enters a life as an Inker, her friendships expand and, like her, many now call the regulations and laws that have kept them secure. Leoras' once certain future, as well as her memories of life, become very uncertain indeed.
The first of a trilogy, Ink is fresh, original, thought-provoking and enthralling. A picture is painted within the pages that is so clear and vivid, it allows the reader to enter the world and become part of it with a fully suspended  are there. That world is real.The characters are alive with depth and nuance. Their friendships and relationships are fully realised with layer upon layer of emotion and complexity. Many parallels can be drawn between the social/political society of Saintstone and its' surrounding environs and our own world; and this leads to much pondering of our present state of affairs. But this does not overwhelm a story that is filled with texture and life. Definitely YA territory, I have not read a book like this in a very long time. It stands out, head and shoulders among the numbers of fantasy/dystopian novels for young adults. Highly recommended!

MAFIOSA (Blood For Blood)
author: Catherine Doyle
Chicken House (5 January 2017)
ISBN: 9781909489844
As a blood war rages on the streets of Chicago, Sophie has now allied herself with those who should be her sworn enemies. Now protected by the infamous Falcones, she is now the prime target of her own family. Still, she must prove herself to her new 'family' while she personally seeks revenge for her mothers' murder. She must keep up the pretense of a normal, schoolgirl life, while becoming ever more entrenched in a deadly game. And her heart belongs to a murderer. The feud between the warring families escalates, the demands on Sophies' loyalty grow stronger and her double life unravels with lethal consequences. By the end, there will be blood on everyones' hands.
Doyle has created a world that is textural, engaging and heart-stopping. This series has everything that teen readers want in a story and this final chapter takes a dark turn that will keep the reader glued to the book until the bitter end. The depiction of Sophies' turmoil; her rage and heartbreak; her longing and her love, all paint a portrait that is real to the reader. All relationships are handled with incredible sophistication and complexity. The book is just as dynamic as its' predecessors, if not more so. Just when you are certain what the next scene will hold, you turn the page to another unexpected twist. It is bold, stormy, turbulent with an incredible, unexpected finale. But at the very end, there is that brief moment that tells you, perhaps,it's not over for our hero. Powerful and compelling! Well done, Catherine Doyle! 

author: Laura Ruby
Faber & Faber (29 December 2016)
ISBN: 9780571332755
Bone Gap has many gaps; gaps a person could easily slip through and disappear forever. When young, beautiful immigrant Roza disappears, as quickly and easily as she appeared in fact, it is no surprise to anyone. It’s not the first time someone has vanished from the lives of Finn and Sean O’Sullivan. After all, their mother left years ago, leaving them on their own to fend for themselves.
But Finn knows that isn't what happened this time. Roza didn't just disappear. She was snatched from the cornfields by a man whose face he cannot remember. She was taken somewhere remote and strange. And he must find her. But no one will believe him; no one will help him. The beekeepers daughter, Petey suspects that Finn has a real story worth uncovering.

Completely extraordinary book that isn’t easy to define. In a truly expert handling of magical realism, Bone Gap has a lyrical plot that is complex, but easy to maneuver that leads the reader through the lives of this quiet, strange little town  and it’s nuances and peculiarities. The characters and their lives seem at once recognisable and alien. As revelation after revelation is gently unpeeled, the reader is both relieved and shaken. A coming-of-age novel that is haunting, intriguing and so much more. with a satisfying end that leaves the reader quite stunned. Loved it! 14+

 A DARKNESS AT THE END: the shadows know your name
author: Ruth Frances Long
O'Brien Books (September 2016)
ISBN: 9781847178633
With Holly, the fae matriarch seeking the ultimate power for herself and angels, demons, fae and humans being pulled into a deadly conflict, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Ancient compacts are completely destroyed and the sidhe are at war, with angels and demons drawing down sides, each daring the other to start a battle that could end everything. Izzy has lost her memory and it seems Jinx is dead...or not. With the Sidheways in tatters, it is torment to travel among and between the worlds. And those who could be counted on to have the answer, to stop the insanity are missing...or dead...or irrevocably changed. As the gauntlet is thrown down, it seems that Jinx and even Izzy have changed, become something they never knew they had to be. Hostility and bloodshed are rife. This war is the final one.
Wow! Just wow! First of all, let me say that Longs' ability at world building is handled with such amazing dexterity and nuance that you cannot believe it is must be real. The subtlety and texture in place, relationship and timing is utterly compelling. Hollys' descent into utter power-mad insanity is rapid, full-on and frightening. The balance of power is completely gone, and this gives a dizzying effect to the reader. With the parity between the sidhe, angelic, demonic and human realms thrown completely askew, the sense of turmoil and sheer pandemonium is rife and invasive. This, the third and final installment of the trilogy that began with A Crack in Everything never, ever lets you go. Powerful, enthralling, unnerving and an incessant pace, A Darkness At The End will haunt you long after the book is done.

THE BONE SPARROW: a refugee story
author: Zana Fraillon
Orion Childrens (July 2016)
ISBN: 9781510101548
Subhi was born in a refugee camp. It is all he has ever known. He was told stories of his 'home' and his father, who will someday come for his Maá and sister Queeny and who sends him hope and presents when the Night Sea comes. But his reality is quite different; fences surround his world, food and clothes are both scarce, the Jackets that guard the camp are harsh and the nice ones who come don't last long... and illness, trouble and death are all around him. But he also dreams of Jimmie, a young girl who lives not far from the camp and comes to visit him, bringing books she cannot read and food and sharing some of the outside world with him; including her precious bone sparrow, a talisman of her families past and the mother she lost. As Subhi reads to her from her mothers old notebook, both children discover much about their past, themselves and what their place will be in the future.
While being harsh and realistic, The Bone Sparrow is also hopeful, allowing the reader to examine both injustice and redemption; freedom and survival. Fraillon uses incredible storytelling skill to weave tale that it difficult to read, but impossible to put down. The economy of description leads the reader to an understanding of the sparseness of Subhi life, but also the texture, richness and marvellous adventure he manages to tease out of it. The juxtaposition of Jimmie and Subhi as characters, and their incredible lives give an intimate picture of difference and sameness, of what lies in the human heart and of what can be made out of great loss and struggle. The voices in the book are strong and true. The emotions are vibrant. And while there is much hardship, there are also wonderful moments of great humour and goodwill. A moving, exquisite story that is a powerful testament to friendship, story-telling and possibility. This is a very important book for us all. It is impossible to read The Bone Sparrow and not be moved.

author: Siobhan Curham
Walker Books (July 2016)
ISBN: 9781406365825
Amber just doesn't fit in. She's bullied at school because she has two dads and no mum. She loves all things vintage and takes inspiration for her life from Oscar Wilde. She is a dreamer, longing for adventure and true excitement. Tired of trying to fit in with people who just don't understand her, Amber knows there are friends just waiting for her out there in the big wide world. Chance meetings with shy Maali, artistic Sky and tough-as-nails Rose, three girls who are just as different as she is, Amber enlists in them in her newly formed Moonlight Dreamers; a club for misfits, stand-outs, who want to start living their own lives and dreaming their own dreams. The four girls couldn't be more different from each other, but together, they become friends, face challenges and take on whatever life throws at them while finding the courage to simply be themselves.
A wonderful book of friendship and imagination, Moonlight Dreamers is a joy to read. The characters are true-to-life, facing realistic situations that go against the grain of convention. Each of the girls has a very different nature. Perhaps the strongest point that comes across in this book is how difference and acceptance make for stronger bonds and allows for greater strength...and more support and fun. The events that mark the girls lives are powerful, filled with texture and truth and bring the reader to a place of understanding. As they struggle with going against the norm, they also struggle with their own preconceived notions and, with humour and joy, they win! While I hesitate to use the word (as it is used too often) it is empowering in the truest sense. You may even find yourself starting your own Moonlight Dreamers club, something we could all use.  Clever, funny, articulate and full of drama and dreams, I can't recommend this book highly enough. (For girls aged 12 and up)

author: Timothée de Fombelle
Walker Books (June 2016)
ISBN: 9781406364620
Joshua Pearl is from a world not so very far from our own, but a world we no longer believe exists. Thrown here by a spell intended to save his life, he is now trapped, using anothers' name and a borrowed history to try to make sense of his existence.With memories of his great love and all that lies waiting for him in that other place fading, Joshua carries on day to day. But someone remembers him. Someone is seeking him out. Someone wants him to remember. With his passion for photography, Joshua documents everything he sees, capturing moments in time that elude the commonplace and everyday. In particular, he is haunted by the first image he has taken; that of a beautiful girl in a boat. He is taken in by an old man when injured and, after time, is compelled to plot his escape, but not until he unearths the mystery of the old mans' life, held in objects hidden in an array of suitcases lining the walls of his shack. Haunted and saddened, confused by what he finds there,  Joshua is told by the old man to leave. So Joshua continues on his journey, spurred on to recover his fragmented memory and the girl, for only then will he make sense of what he sees.
In this book, an especially poignant fairytale for teen and adult fantasy readers, de Fombelle reveals the incredible story teller he is through brilliant world-building and piecing together a tale that insists the reader read on. Intricate and enduring, the story ebbs and flows with exquisite writing, unveiling the truth of longing, first love and self-discovery. It transcends its' fantasy genre, being equally appealing to readers David Levithan, John Green, Elizabeth Wein and Patrick Ness. (I'm thinking of Ness' beautiful novel The Crane Wife, in particular.) Exceptional characters, beautiful landscaping and filled with the elements of classic writing, The Book of Pearl is a quiet and tender novel; totally unique and impossible to put down.

author: Simon Mayo
Corgi Childrens (July 2016)
ISBN: 9780552569071
In the not too distant future, the world has crumbled under the weight of economic crisis and crime. Many of the true perpetrators have escaped justice...but their families haven't. In this world, a new type of criminal justice has evolved, along with a new type of prison. Just because you are a child, doesn't mean you can't be punished when society is looking for someone to blame. Ant and her younger brother, Mattie find themselves banged up in a family prison, held for the crimes of their parents, along with their foster parents and many others suffering the same fate....punished for 'heritage crimes.' But unrest and tensions are brewing away inside the prison network and Antis right at the heart of it all. When things finally blow, Ant and Mattie have one chance to escape; one chance to prove to the world that they, like all the others are not to blame.
Fast-paced, engaging and completely absorbing, Blame is not only a brilliant dystopian thriller, but is filled with enough detail and texture to place the reader within the story and make it all seem incredibly plausible. The harsh world of the prison system, the desperation of life on the run, the social implications of having a system able to troll through your past and punish you for crimes committed, not by you, but by family members; crimes you may have even been unaware; the reality of corruption and prejudice and new forms of punishment; a strap attached to your spine which makes escape impossible and brings to light the physical and mental torture of imprisonment paint a very powerful image that is chilling; haunting. Within this nightmare emerges a strong picture of loyalty, community and justice. Blame is also a thoughtful book; one that takes the reader on a hellish journey and causes the reader to think deeply about where we, as a society are going; what are we doing; how can we continue to allow a culture of blame (all too present in the world today) to evolve...and where will it all lead? And beyond all this, it is a cracking, breath-taking read! The plot, the character development and the writing is superb. An absolutely brilliant YA book that will stick with you. Just read it!

author: Gabrielle Zevin
Bloomsbury Childrens (14 July 2016)
ISBN: 97814088800104
After meeting her end in a hit and run accident, 15-year-old Liz finds herself aboard the SS Nile, on her way to Elsewhere. Coming to terms with her death difficult enough, and it takes her many months to realise that she IS actually dead. Liz spends time watching her family and friends while on the other side before finally settling into her new friendships; most notably with Curtis, an aging rock star who died of a drug overdose, Thandi, a young black girl killed in a drive-by shooting and her grandmother, a woman she never met in life, but now lives with in the Afterlife. But 'life' in Elsewhere offers Liz the possibility to do all the things she didn't get to do previously, and some things she'd never be able to do. Here she can learn to drive a car, fall in love, hold down a job, speak Canine. In Elsewhere, things carry on almost as normal, with the distinct difference that the residents age backwards from the time they died. As new relationships are formed and old wounds are healed, they are also strained and tested as reverse aging carries back to the moment they are released to travel across the sea and be reborn...
First published in 2005, this is a celebratory re-publishing of one of the most joyous, touching, unique books imaginable. Filled with marvelous detail and imaginative, touching relationships, Zevin spins an incredible tale of possibility, restitution, redemption and re-birth. It is poignant, honest, at times heart-breaking and utterly brilliant. I recommend it to absolutely everyone. Completely memorable, you will what to revisit Elsewhere again and again. 

author: Claire Hennessy
Hot Key Books (June 2016)
ISBN: 9781471405747
Annabel worked hard all her young life to be "lighter than air" but she could never seem to get thin enough. No one ever understood; no one could ever help and now, as a result of her quest for her view of perfection, she finds herself, having died as a result, as a "spirit helper" of sorts. Her first assignment is Julia. Julias' problem seems fairly obvious to Annabel. Julia is fat and that is why she's so unhappy. As Annabel spends time getting to know Julia, she becomes a voice in her head..guiding her to exercise, limit her food intake...pushing her all the while to lose that weight. But along the line, Annabel starts to think about other aspects of her own life; family, friends...and maybe, that happiness comes more than being thin. And what really happens when you listen to the voices in your head.
Claire Hennessys' marvelous new book stands apart in the sea of newly published YA fiction. It tackles the very prevalent issues surrounding eating disorders and body image with a great deal of compassion and clear perception, not to mention some extraordinarily fine writing. The reader is taken on a journey of discovery through both central characters; you get into their heads and feel them, understand them...gradually unraveling what is going on in there. Annabels' resistance to her task and responsibilities, as well as (more importantly) her development of a full view of what happened to her is frustrating, but moving at the same time. It is a powerful indictment to see how easily Annabels' voice gets inside Julia and begins to manipulate her behaviour; a poignant reminder of the force of social pressure and how easily you can lose yourself; how difficult it is to get back to your own voice. With carefully crafted plot and character development, the story is woven, frayed and re-woven frayed, coming to a resolution that, though not cut and dried, is filled with potential. A truly exceptional vision; unique and riveting. Read it!

author: E.R. Murray
Alma Books Ltd. (May 2016)
ISBN: 9781846883927
Liv Bloom has a complicated life....too complicated for a 14-year-old. Her father left the family when she was very young, her mother is in a recovery centre trying to deal (or not) with her alcoholism, and her older sister, Hatty, has taken a break from Uni to take care of Liv while her mother can't. Liv and Hatty are really struggling. The only one Liv seems to be able to turn to is her best friend, Sarah. But Liv has discovered a recipe book written in her mothers' handwriting...her mother before her father left, before the drinking, before her world fell apart....and embarks on a journey of discovery. Through trying to replicate her mothers' recipes, Liv discovers something she is really good at, something that takes her out of her misery and gives her a new focus. But things are never that straight forward and a  a possible new love, threats and an attack by a school bully that used to be a close friend and a reconciliation with the past bring more chaos into Livs' life. Some hard lessons are still there for the learning.
This is a heart-felt novel about just how difficult growing up can be and the real value of friendship, family and understanding. While Caramel Hearts is a beautiful read, it is not an easy one. The realism with which it deals with the subjects of alcoholism, bullying, and family dysfunction is gritty and, at times, disturbing. But it is written with finesse and compassion.The mother-daughter relationship is explored deeply, with great insight even for those not coping with alcoholism or difficult issues. It is truly revealing. The intricacies of the relationship between the two sisters is handled beautifully, the love, the anger, the struggle. And Livs' character sings with the energy and confusion of a teenage girl trying to deal with things she shouldn't have to deal with. Structured around the recipes, this is a YA novel that is warm and revealing. I highly recommend it to all, as there is something here for everyone. A marvellous and important read.

author: Jerry Spinelli
Orchard Books (April 2016)
ISBN: 9781408341025
When Stargirl first arrives at Leo’s school, no one knows what to make of her. She dresses oddly, wears no make-up, plays the ukulele, and sings “Happy Birthday” to complete strangers. She drops her change because “people love to find money.”  Stargirl is mysterious, quirky and stands out from the crowd… and she likes it that way. The boys are mesmerised by her and the girls are jealous of her. Slowly, everyone begins to accept her; even like her. But a combination of fear and excitement draws Leo Borlock to Stargirl and he finds himself unexpectedly in love with this weird, wonderful, different girl. Her individuality allows Stargirl to shine her light on even the school basketball team, cheering them on to the championships. Then, something unfathomable happens, Stargirl routes for the other team. Oh, she has her reasons, odd though they may be. The school doesn’t see that way, however. Soon she is shunned and ridiculed; standing out from the crowd is no longer admired. Her new acceptable status is gone. Leo finds himself having to choose between his love for Stargirl and the friendship of the entire school. He may not be brave enough to make the right decision.
It was with an immense joy that I discovered that Stargirl was being re-released after 10 years. A wondrous YA classic that celebrates non-conformity, first love and the difficulty we all have when trying to follow our hearts. And I have to add, this is not a 'girls' book'; it is for everybody. Narrated in Leo's voice, which is strong and genuine, it leads to any understanding of social pressure and conflict in those fragile teen years and if more people read it, it would cause a quiet revolution in thought and deed. Gentle and yet, demanding at the same time, the story-telling is perfect. A magical, thought-provoking, inspiring fairytale of a story,  Stargirl is one that you will want to read over and over. If you love John Green or Sarah Crossan, this is a must read!

Fall in love with Stargirl.

author: Deirdre Sullivan
Little Island (25 February 2016)
ISBN: 9781910411506)
Ces longs to be a tattoo artist; to make things beautiful by embroidering the skin with radiant images, not to cover up the ugly or commonplace, but to allow beauty to grow, to bloom from the tawdry or the ordinary. A stronger, braver sort of beauty that doesn't exist in her life which is filled by a self-imposed facade of normality, at least as much normality as she can conjure. Her drawings are strange, reflective and sumptuous. For now, she lives from day to day, the echoes of her trauma haunting her and urging her to find the courage to step forward and confront. For now, she just wants to reach adulthood and autonomy without falling apart.
Needlework is intricately woven with the rhythm and delicacy of a fine tapestry. It is a book that is both difficult to take and impossible to put down. Sullivan is dealing with an extremely sensitive topic here, and she does so with great subtlety and nuance. The writing is exquisite and poetic, the story, a compelling one that ebbs and flows as you follow. It handles its' subject matter without succumbing to sensationalism and without pushing the reader; a task that is very difficult to achieve. The voice and perception is eloquent, powerful and starkly genuine. The result is a story that needs to be told, needs to be read and considered and felt deeply. I think Tara Flynns' comment sums Needlework up to perfection; "A brutally beautiful book." Needlework is a rare work among the numbers of young adult fiction titles; honest, forthright, delicate and sincere.

author: Catherine Doyle
Chicken House (January 2016)
ISBN: 9781910655238
Sophie Gracewell's world has been shattered, but she is determined to set everything right and get back to her old life...her old self, again. But Nic, the Falcone brother she was so attracted to and now represents everything she desperately needs to steer clear of, won't give up on their love. Then why is it brother Luca's knife that she clutches tightly for comfort? Despite hiding out in her own home, despite avoiding the Falcones at all costs and despite every effort to control of her life, it isn't long before another Mafia clan is rattling the fragile cage of peace and Sophie is facing more turmoil. Does she follow her heart, or stay with her blood? Sophie wanted she's in deeper than ever. With a river of blood and deception stretching both behind and ahead of her, Sophie must make a choice.
This IS young adult fiction at its' finest. Romantic and daring, Inferno holds nothing back. It is gutsy, realistic and pacey. Within the story lie many twists that do not allow the reader to let go...nor do they allow the reader to know which direction it will go next. But there is more to this than a 'Romeo and Juliet meet the Godfather' story. It displays, raw and with great power, inner turmoils that we all face. Questions of love and loyalty, right and wrong, trust and betrayal and, ultimately the question 'who do you want to be', run throughout the tale, touching the reader and causing you to question your own heart and mind. Inferno, like its' predecessor Vendetta, is a powerhouse of a book. Thoughtful, incisive and eloquent... and extremely addictive.

 A HOLLOW IN THE HILLS...try to outrun the fear
author: Ruth Frances Long
O'Brien Press (September 2015)
ISBN: 9781847176363
(Sequel to A Crack In Everything) While still trying to come to terms with her new-found powers, Izzy is confronted with a new mission. An ancient, forbidden and ultimate evil is awakening in the surrounding hills and is threatening to wreak war and destruction on Dublin, as well as it's neighbouring fae realm, Dubh Linn. An angel of death is waiting; his powers churning and demanding to be paid his due. But the price is too high. When Izzy refuses to sacrifice Jinx, fae warrior and her beloved (estranged though they may be), she unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events that sees the hunted across the city, through the realms and into the hills, where her destiny lies in wait with fullest force.
Once again, Long uses Irish mythology and legend to create a tense and dramatic fantasy that drives the reader to the depths of nightmare. Lyrical and imaginative writing, she has created a world that is tangible and tactile,sitting easily alongside the mundane world we live in. It is filled with inventive characters that will occupy you even as you walk down the streets. The way Long plays with the fantasy/reality dichotomy is compelling. Ultimately, this story is romantic, moving and fascinating. This is fantasy writing at its' very, compelling, unnerving.

author: Alexia Casale
Faber&Faber (August 2015)
ISBN: 9780571321537
Nick is a 15 year old boy starting his first year of university at Cambridge. He is sarcastic, witty and the first one to correct you if you call him a genius. According to Nick, he just works hard. His hard work is all about getting attention from his workaholic father who is seldom present. But his academic gifts hide Nick's feeling of isolation and limited ability to form friendships or family ties. At Cambridge, he is given a mentor, Professor Gosswin, with whom he forms a tentative-looking albeit deep bond...the only real connection he has. The work becomes more difficult, and the socialising even harder. But when Nick starts to cox for the Cambridge rowing crew, he is pushed to his limits as it all hits the fan.
Completely absorbing and heart-felt, House of Windows is an intricate portrait of a young man, coming of age as he struggles with his past, his talents and the deep emotional trauma he has suffered. Sensitively drawn, Nick's background is slowly revealed to deepen the impact. The trauma is only shown through its' consequences; no sensationalism is needed to tell Nicks' story. As Nick's character grows and pulls away from the pain of his past, the reader learns much about his personality, about why he acts the way he does, but about the effect the past has on all of the characters in the novel.Expertly written with a lot of finesse and grace, while it took a bit of time to get into the story, once there, I couldn't put it down. Brilliant, beautiful and utterly compelling. I highly, highly recommend this exceptional young adult read from an incredible writer.

author: Patrick Ness
Walker Books (27 August 2015)
Mikey, Mel, Henna and Jared are just ordinary, normal kids (well...mostly). Their concerns are normal concerns; love, stomachs, making it through to graduation and going to the prom before someone blows up the school....again. Their lives are played out against a backdrop extraordinary, weird events like fighting off zombies or vampires or whatever this new thing is, with the blue lights and explosions and death. Mikey doesn't want to be a hero. He doesn't want to save the world from its' latest imminent destruction. Because some things are bigger than the end of the world.
Patrick Ness always offers the best and the most incisive reading and this book is no exception. The Rest of Us Just Live Here champions the ordinary and finding the genuinely remarkable in the most commonplace; something that everyone needs. Ness writes with keen insight into the emotional world, not just of young adults about to enter the world, but of all of these around them. The huge, big, world events that threaten day to day life takes a back seat to just trying to make it through. Yet, the kids who are just trying to make it through exist in a state of collateral damage to these events. The adults in this book are both misunderstanding and misunderstood. In one particular scene, the mother remarks, almost casually, certainly wistfully, that weird things were happening when she was young as well, which fires off an understanding of her childrens' lives that is not quite reached... because we don't really want to go back there, do we? In the meantime, the 'indie kids' are fighting off the latest demons for the greater good.
Written with enormous compassion, quirky and pinpoint sense of humour and while telling a great story, this book speaks for the everyday. The characters are just like us... it's heroes are not the 'special' ones. The Rest of Us also riffs on every single dystopian, fantasy genre and every fab seen so far in YA literature, while giving the reader a sense of a certain stable instability. These things are always will make it don't have to be any more, anything greater than what you are. That is enough. Brilliantly written, entirely remarkable and utterly readable. It is both worldly and intimate. This is pure genius.

author: Sarah Crossan
Bloomsbury Childrens (27 August 2015)
ISBN: 9781408872345
Grace and Tippi are cojoined twins; literally joined at the hip. They have lived their lives as two people in one, home-schooled and surrounded by their loving family and doctors and therapists for sixteen years. But all of that is about to change. No longer able to afford to be home-schooled,they must go out into the world, where they are met by stares, gasps, and ignorance. But there, they also find real friends and life in all it's cruel beauty. But Tippi and Grace are also about to meet with a heart-wrenching decision that could tear them apart....
This exquisitely written verse novel is poignant, realistic and utterly unforgettable. Told in Graces' voice, the story moves eloquently, without being disingenuous or pretentious. The fact that Tippi and Grace are alive at all, and their adaptability are portrayal very matter-of-fact, as we might imagine would be the case in this circumstance. The points where their personalities collide and divide are simply expressed. This novel also echoes the multi-faceted side of individual personalities and the conflicts involved in being a young adult; in reaching the point of individuation. Questions of love, responsibility, friendship, trust and identity are handled with deftness. This poetic novel rings true on every page. It will bring both laughter and tears. A moving, sensitive and fascinating portrait of sisterhood and redemption, One must be read.

author: Jenny Valentine
HarperCollinsChildrensBooks (2 July 2015)
ISBN: 9780007512362
As her father, Ernest nears the end of his life,Iris returns to the home she never knew she had after years on the run with her manipulative mother, Hannah and step-father, Lowell. Her best friend, Thurston, is the only one who ever listened; ever understood and fully appreciated the person Iris is truly. He is now somewhere on the other side of the world and she can't reach him at the one time she needs him the most. A silent war is declared to gain control of Ernest's wealth and live a life of luxury, with Iris as a pawn. All Iris has to do is play along, exacting critical information from Ernest about his priceless art collection and gain his love and trust....and not burn anything.  But there are things Ernest wants Iris to know before he dies. As hard as Hannah works to keep the story from coming out, the truth will always find a way of revealing itself. Everything Iris thought she knew goes up in flames.
A bold and brilliant novel about love, lies and redemption, from award-winning author, Jenny Valentine – one of the greatest YA voices of her generation. Her voice and rhythm creates a story that is gripping and moving. The characters and their relationships bleed with unquestionable reality. The texture and nuance of the story is at once subtle and power-packed. Jenny Valentine is incredible; an absolute favourite of mine;  and this one, long-awaited, is pure gold-dust. A novel about deception, family, loss and recovery…and taking control of your own life. Warning: contains acts of arson. I loved it just as much as I loved all her others. (Finding Violet Park, The Ant Colony, Broken Soup, The Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight.) A superb and genuine novel!

author: Susin Nielsen
Andersen Press (30 April 2015)
ISBN: 9781783442324
Stewart is 13; he's geeky, gifted and has always wanted a sister. Stewart sees things a bit differently from most people. He's also grieving the loss of his mother. As time moves on, his father starts a relationship with his beautiful co-worker, Caroline. Stewart and his Dad move into her house, where Stewart finds the sister he's always wanted. Ashley is 15; she's spoilt, beautiful and popular...and the last thing she wants in her life is a geeky younger brother. Ashley is having enough trouble maintaining her status among her friends. Her parents split up because her Dad came out and now lives in their renovated coach house. While Stewart is 89.9% happy about his new situation, Ashley is 110% mortified and is having more than a little trouble adjusting. Things get a lot more awkward when both Stewart and Ashley come to the attention of the gorgeous school hunk, Jared...for very different reasons.
Nielsen has a strong sense of character and place in this novel. Her heartfelt rendering of contemporary teenage life and its' up and downs make this a riveting and thoroughly enjoyableWe Are All Made of Molecules is wonderful book that seeks to navigate and celebrate differences among people and the complexities of 'blended families...and does so with aplomb! Highly recommended.

author: Sally Gardner
Hot Key Books (January 2015)
ISBN: 9781471401114
AJ Flynn has just failed all but one of his GCSE exams, and the future is not looking very promising for him. When he is offered a junior position at a prestigious London law firm, what choice does he have but to accept?  AJ has no idea how much his life is about to change. Tidying up at the office one day, AJ finds an old key engraved with his name and date of birth. Uncovering the door that fits the key, AJ also uncovers a family secret, a door to the past, and the possibility of a new beginning for AJ and his closest friends. Solving a crime with its roots embedded in the 1830s, they go from sad statistics to young men with lives of purpose and meaning.

Catherine Doyle

Chicken House (January 2015)

ISBN: 9781909489813
Since her father was jailed for murder, Sophie Gracewell has done everything she can to keep a low profile. But when the five Falcone brothers move into the abandoned mansion on her street, things change quickly. Her Uncle Jack warns Sophie to stay away from them. Sophie finds herself irresistibly drawn to Nic. His golden-speckled strike her as familiar, but she can’t remember from where. Nics’ charming and elusive manner pull Sophie ever closer. As their attraction intensifies, and the couple are told they must not be together, Sophie begins to untangle a twisted web of criminal activity that leads to dangerous truths. Sophie finds herself in the middle of two underworld dynasties at war and must choose.
Enthralling and fast-paced, Vendetta is a powerful debut novel. This is Romeo and Juliet meets The Godfather….for young adults. The characters are finely drawn, with exceptional development throughout. Sophie is no simpering little Juliet, and Nic is definitely not Romeo; and the tension between love and family loyalty are stretched to its’ outer-most limits. Drawn into their world, the reader will be fascinated, terrified and compelled to read on. Just when the outcome becomes obvious, the plot twists and turns, pulling the reader into an unexpected direction. The line between right and wrong, good guys and bad guys, is blurred, leaving the unanswered questions to be decided by the rapid spiraling of chaotic action. Dangerous, captivating, feverish and poignant; Vendetta promises much, and delivers.
(Definitely for 14+)

author: Kendall Kulper
Orchard Books (4 Sep 2014)
ISBN: 9781408335192
Averys' mother was the first Roe woman in history to turn her back on their legacy; to become the witch of Prince Island. All Avery wants is to set this right and be the one to make the charms and read the dreams that keep the islanders safe and prosperous on the sea. Before she can learn how to control her power, her mother returns and snatches Avery from her grandmother. Held captive in her mothers' fine home, Avery plots her escape. She must return to her grandmother lest the old woman dies and she cannot learn her craft. A dream has foretold her fate if she does not....a vicious murder and an island lost to misfortune forever. Tane, a tattooed harpoon boy vows he can help Avery; but will he be too late?
 An atmospheric and eerie read, The Witch of Salt and Storm casts an engaging spell on the reader. Filled with mystery, the descriptive quality of this narrative places the reader firmly within the tale. Averys' character is strong, rebellious and feisty, but shows her fears, doubts and vulnerability. The back-story of the Roe witches is as compelling as Averys' own, and the dynamic between the generations of women is dramatic. Beautifully written, this is a book to be savoured. Captivating and heartbreaking, thoroughly memorable, this book combines a passionate love story with a magical work of historical fiction. Recommended for young women ages 15 +

author: Jandy Nelson
Dial Books (Penguin) (2014) ISBN 9780803734968
Jude and Noah are incredible close, nearly inseparable twins. At 13, reclusive Noah draws constantly; painting and drawing in his head when no paper is to hand, and feeling everything. Jude is the dare-devil; boisterous, cliff-diving and talking for the both of them. But at 16, a tragedy has driven them they barely speak to each other; avoiding each other at all costs. And they hold blame anger towards each other, and towards those around them. The earlier years are told in Noah's voice; the later in Jude's; as they come to the realisation that each one has only half of the story.
What an incredible power-house of a story! Eloquent and emotional, Nelson gives voice to, not only the story that unfolds, but the confusion; the noise that takes place in each twins head as they try to make sense of what has happened, how they became who they are, and how they will resolve and grow. Nelson is expert at this, as was evident in her earlier book, The Sky is Everywhere. The twins' stories, both individually and collectively, tumble across the pages in the way that all our stories move in the years in question. A 'coming-of-age' story, yes; but with more. This book gives an important glimpse into how people and families; and entire communities; create and live their own mythologies....and how they recreate when the myths don't hold up. Intricately woven, passionate and quiet at once, profoundly moving; I'll Give You the Sun pulls you through the pages and leaves you breathless, with some very compelling insights. Wow!

author: E. Lockhart
Hot Key Books (2014) ISBN: 9781471403989
"Welcome to the beautiful Sinclair family.
No one is a criminal.
No one is an addict.
No one is a failure......"
And into this family is born Cadence Sinclair Eastman. Nearly 18, educated, bright, promising. Her fondest moments are spent on the Sinclairs' own private island off the coast of Massachusetts with her grandparents, her mother, aunts and the wonderful Sinclair cousins and Gat. Gat came to spend the summers with them when Cadence was eight and became as much a parent of the family as the rest. Each sub-family has their own house....and their own petty jealousies and issues. Two years ago, Cadence suffered an accident on the island. Now, nothing is the same. Everything is broken...and all the privilege and beauty in the world won't bring back the life she knew.
This book chronicles the event and lives of the entire Sinclair family through Cadence's eyes. All the time spent that seems to tragically lead to the accident. Her perceptions are, of course skewed; her understanding clouded and confused. Through the telling of this tale of love, family, romance and tragedy, the reader gets a story of childhood adventures and growing up in a refined, wealthy and privileged life. A mystery is created that very few will figured out along the way. It has realistic, genuine characters and an ending you will not see coming. An eloquent and moving book about love, guilt, grief and perception; We Were Liars is a subtle, quiet, profound triumph.

A CRACK IN EVERYTHING : Welcome to the other side
author: Ruth Frances Long
O'Brien Press (1 September 2014)
ISBN: 9781847176356
Izzy Gregory appears to be a typical teenager; albeit with a minor problem with electronics. Just like her Dad, when she gets near an appliance, sparks seem to randomly fly. While out in Dublin one fine day, she takes a sideways step in an alley and encounters an angel, a fae creature and another Dublin (Dubh Linn) that exists in shadows and the echoes alongside the city she knows so well. Izzy discovers a magical, dangerous place, with inhabitants that are not quite what the old stories relate. In fact, nothing is what it's supposed to be...nothing at all. And, for reasons she does not understand, they are after her. As a desperate journey unfolds, Izzy finds herself in the centre of a violent conflict between etheric forces, trying to master powers she had no idea she possessed and struggling to save her life, her father's life and the existence of nearly all of those dear to her on both sides. Izzy is the key player; she is something that should not exist; she is a crack in everything.
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant fantasy!!! Long has created a world lying next to our own with such depth, it will cause the reader to view everything around them differently. It is fast-paced, compelling and related with so much skill and texture that you become part of that story. It is not so much read as it is felt, intuited, breathed.... A Crack In Everything uses the basis of ancient Irish lore pulled into the present with characters that are at once familiar and fresh, new contemporary; even though they are hundreds of years old. It also plays on the 'oddities' of the Dublin landscape, offering this sideways step into the other side as a plausible explanation for it's unusual character. You'll never look at Dublin the same again. Exceptional story-telling, memorable characters and alive, for fantasy-fans, this is the best read in years!

author: Sarah Crossan
Bloomsbury Childrens (14 August 2014)
ISBN: 9781408853061
Apple has grown up in her grandmothers' house with one clear memory...the Christmas Eve night that her mother walked out, leaving her behind. She feels lost, and broken. Now, with her mothers' return, the question that has haunted her for eleven years (why did you go?) can be answered. Apple will have someone who knows what it's like to be a teenager. She can be whole again. As she leaves to start her new life with her mother, Apple begins to wonder exactly who is looking after who. And then...she finds someone in her mothers' life who is more lost then she is. Reality suddenly starts to sink in.
Written with great beauty and compassion, Apple and Rain is an utterly consuming study of family relationships, growing up and the redeeming power of love. Each character is written with great insight, that gives the reader a view into the complexities of their nature, without reading as overly complex. There is also a very important aspect to this book that comes through with great subtlety...the rewriting of memory. You actually feel this book more than understand it. As with her first book, The Weight of Water, Crossan packs a lot of information and quite a number of issues into the text without it being burdened. Clear, moving,lyrically written. riveting and simple wondrous, it made me cry and gave me hope at the same time. Highly recommended.

author: Frances Hardinge
Macmillan Childrens Books (8 May 2014)
ISBN: 9780330519731
Triss wakes up following an accident with the sure and certain knowledge that something is horribly wrong. She has a hunger that can't be satisfied, her parents are constantly whispering behind closed doors and her little sister is both angry and terrified. And the dolls' eyes....they were the first thing that shifted, watching Triss mockingly as she moved around the room. Triss only has vague memories of her life before and as she goes through her diary to reconstruct her life, pages are missing... torn out. As the truth slowly reveals itself, Triss discovers that what has happened to her is more dark and bizarre than she could have imagined. Triss is quite literally not herself. She travels to the Underbelly of the city, where she must find the Architect, a twisted soul who has hideous plans for her family.
Cuckoo Song takes what the reader 'knows' about fairytales and turns it inside out. A carefully constructed story, the world created here is so very like reality that the lapse into that Other Realm is tangible, and can even seem likely. The pace is perfect, the drama compelling and the characters are so remarkably genuine in their behaviour and reasoning as to give shivers. As with all of Hardinges' books, I absolutely loved Cuckoo Song. The use of language and description is magnificent, but it never becomes over-burdened with itself in either that language or the plot. It is such a chilling, creepy read, but is filled with all the emotional content of the human spirit. A wondrous, breathtaking and simply fantastic read!

POPULAR: a memoir (Vintage Wisdom for the Modern Geek)
author: Maya van Wagenen
Penguin (15 April 2014)
ISBN: 9780141353258
Maya van Wagenen had never been a popular girl. In fact, she rated herself as a social outcast (-1 on her school popularity scale.) But like every other teenage girl, she was dying to fit in. She simply had no idea how to accomplish this goal. One day, she came across a 1950s Teenage Popularity Guide by Betty Cornell
Everyone can relate to Maya's predicament; and everybody wants to fit in somewhere. In this memoir, the reader tags along with Maya as she transforms herself from social pariah to the girl everyone in school knows. The advice Maya follows covers absolutely everything; personal hygiene, posture, clothes, how to strike up a conversation, name it. The book is lively, interesting and just plain fun! It's not just for makes a great cross-over book. Quite frankly, I just loved it. (And this isn't the type of book I'd normally love.)
I should also point out the Betty Cornells' Teenage Popularity Guide has also been case you want to try it out yourself.

author: Leslye Walton
Walker Books (27 March 2014) ISBN:9781406354454
The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows... takes the reader on a journey through three generations of the Roux and Lavender families; two families with extremely unique characteristics and a passion for foolish love that proves, each time, to be both their salvation and their downfall. When 16-year-old Ava, born with wings, develops a burning desire to understand her difference and join the company of her peers, she is ill-prepared for the harshness and cynicism of a world that can't decide if she is a girl or an angel. Like the rest of the women in her family preceding her, she alone must decide to either embrace or retreat from her fate. Then, one glorious and horrendous night, the skies open, with rain and feathers and Ava's revelation.
This utterly remarkable, sumptuous and compelling novel is difficult to describe. It is stunning in it's writing, character development; it's ebb and flow....everything about it sings with perfect timing. making it impossible to put down. Each character fascinates; each circumstance resonates with confusion and clarity. Each description places the reader firmly in the scene without ever becoming burdensome.  As the story progresses, the bizarre and the commonplace shift position back and forth in a manner that, initially disorients, but utlimately makes perfect sense. A family saga spun in magical realism; this book is filled with the texture of what it means to be different.... really different in a world that demands the usual and shuns the extraordinary. Waltons' voice and world view are startling and accurate. It is difficult to believe this is a debut novel, and not a veteran storyteller at work.As for the presentation of the book itself; it speaks eloquently of the surprises unveiled within. Simply beautiful, I strongly recommendThe Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. You will never forget this book.

author:Sally Gardner   illustrator: David Roberts
Indigo (7 November 2013) ISBN: 9781780621494
Otto Hundebiss is tired of war; tired of destruction and killing and fear. But when he defies Death and runs away, he finds himself on a dangerous and confusing path. Given some dice and shoes by a strange half-man/half-beast, he wanders alone deeper and deeper through a dark, cold forest, surrounded by magic and mystery. Here he meets the beautiful Safire, pure of heart and spirit; but loses her just as quickly and strangely as they met. His journey takes him through many dangers, as he learns the power of the tinderbox and becomes master of the wolves which haunt his every step. Otto survives many impossible feats; he gains much power and many riches. But the question remains, will power and wealth gain him what he truly desires.
Sally Gardner is, by far, one of the most important and stunning writers we have today. She is fearless in her writing, as well as a fantastic storyteller.Tinder is an exceptional addition to her already lengthy list of brilliant books for children and young people of all ages. Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, The Tinderbox, Gardner leads us deep into the magic and mystery while giving us something timeless and powerful; and I would say, just as timeless and powerful as Andersen's story. The book is heavily illustrated throughout by David Roberts, and these illustration perfectly accentuate the writing, the atmosphere and the tone of the story. (I also need to say a big 'HOORAH!' for an illustrated story for teens! I really wish more books for older readers and adults for that matter, were illustrated... it simply adds so much more to the novel.) An evocative and strong tale of love and loss, Tinder is on my list of 'must-reads'. A magnificent book all around. 

author: Susan Cooper
Bodley Head 9781782300007
In the winter of his 11th year, Little Hawk is taken to an isolated location deep in the forest for the 3 month endurance time that will have him return to his tribe a man. His struggle to survive is long and hard, and upon his return he finds his village devastated by a plague; a new illness brought to his land by the white settlers. Outside, the world is changing rapidly and the tension between the settlers and the native tribes are rising. One fateful day, while trying to help a man trapped under a tree, Little Hawk is killed. Tied to his land as a spirit, he is also tied to the life of John, a young English boy who has witnessed Hawk's murder and can do nothing about it. Will John now have to live his life as a witness to the bloodshed of an entire nation?
From the author of The Dark is Rising comes this new and surprising work of historical fiction which eloquently portrays the clash of religious and social ideology in the late 1600's/early 1700's. Her view of both sides in this conflict is realistic and sharp. Cooper has finely crafted a tale of friendship, courage and conflict to give this mesmerising story, which includes interesting character studies and a keen vision of events of the time. Her handling of both Little Hawk and John is incisive and deliberate, adding two very different 'coming-of-age' stories into the mix. While this story is nearly impossible to 'finish' as the story blends into historical events that have impact even today, the novel comes to a satisfying and fitting end. A truly beautiful read, I highly recommend this wondrous novel. Unforgettable.

author: Patrick Ness
Walker Books, 5 September 2013

“Here is the boy, drowning.”
And Seth does drown. He is alone; taken by the sea, dashed against the rocks while the icy water constricts his muscles and breath. Seth is consciously aware of his final moments. His death consumes him with a heavy, confusing blur until….he awakens and finds himself in a desolate, shattered world; naked, alone, starving and alive. This place looks familiar. It looks exactly like the English village where he spent his early childhood before his brother’s accident and his family’s move to America, but it is now overgrown and devoid of human life. It is as if the whole place was simply abandoned one day.  How did Seth come to be in this place? Is he dead or is he alive? What has happened here? As Seth sifts through the dust and debris surrounding him, he begins slowly to uncover a new, shocking reality far beyond what he could have imagined and a danger he cannot even begin to understand. Seth begins a painful search for answers hoping that he may not be alone after all; that there just might be more than this….
Patrick Ness has done it again. What begins with a truly tragic, yet magnificent description of a young man’s dying moments develops into an incredible journey through thoughts, emotions and concepts of reality with enough action to satisfy any reader. It is never, never dull.  The author sets a sense of time, place and character that is stunning and enveloping to the reader. We move through the story as if we are the central character, not merely just with him. We understand Seth intimately. Here is a character we know, to whom we relate, because we have all been there at some point, and on some level, we all still are there. Just when we understand what is happening with the plot; just when we understand the ‘rules’ of this novel, some significant piece of information is added, or more likely, removed and we find ourselves back in dilemma….just like Seth. Add to this the unexpected introduction of a dystopian nightmare, and what Ness has given us is overwhelming, important and true.  The atmosphere cast is tactile and evocative. The action builds with a precise timing. We don’t so much read this book as we feel it. And it feels real.
More Than This is at once powerful and sensitive; complex and clear. It is a portrait of, not just that sense of teenage longing, but the longing we carry deep within us throughout our lives, no matter how we try to deny it. This is something Ness understands with alarming accuracy. It speaks of yearning, loss and discovery. It is also a poignant testament to the function of memory... what memory really does for us, how it works. More Than This speaks to the heart, takes you on a sublime journey and leaves you changed.

author: Emily Murdoch
Indigo (2 May 2013)
ISBN: 9781780621524
Since she was a young child, Carey has lived in the woods in a battered old camper van with her drug-addicted mother who disappears for weeks at a time. Now there with her 6-year-old sister Jenessa, strangers arrive... strangers who have been searching for them everywhere... and everything
If You Find Me takes a tense and moving journey through the lives of two young girls and speaks eloquently of survival, loss and hope. Utterly gripping, it explores who we are as human beings and what to lengths we will go to protect ourselves and those we love. It questions the senses of belonging and security and quietly triumphs in the face of certain failure.With a strong and consistent story line, this novel leaves in it's wake a haunting, subtle memory that is both eerie and hopeful. Also beautifully presented, this is absolutely one not to let slip past.

author: Margo Lanagan
David Fickling Books; 3 April 2013
ISBN: 9781849921121
Rollrock is an isolated, eerie island of fisherman and their families, who strangle an existence out of a mysterious sea. It is also a place of unforgiving magic that taps into the darkest desires of the men living there... and those of a vengeful, outcast witch. Miskaella, down on the beach with the seals, conjures the most beautiful, enchanting girls for the Rollrock men to take as brides, making Rollrock both the envy and the despair of all who fall under the spell of it's beautiful women. But magic has a price that demands to be met. The brides of Rollrock do not belong there... and one day, the sea will claim them.
The myth of the SelkieThe Brides of Rollrock Island steps out of our deepest folklore and troubling dreams. It will stay with you for a very, very long time. If you love myth and magic... and don't mind a little of the truly creepy in your life, this novel can't miss.

author: Alison Croggon
Walker Books; 3 January 2013
ISBN:  9781406339581
This exquisite rewrite of Brontes' Wuthering Heights takes its' original Gothic, brooding romance and sets it in a cold, cruel Northern environment where wizards are the ultimate rule ad the people live by the vengeance code of Vendetta. Lina is the spoilt, self-centred daughter of of the village lord. Born a witch, she is only tolerated and allowed to live due to her royal connection. Damek is taken on as a foster brother to Lina. When the lord dies as a result of Vendetta, Lina is forced to live as a servant and Damek vows revenge. Like Heathcliff in the famous novel, he spends a lifetime honing it, and his ultimate return to the village destroys Linas' life as well as those he promised to save her from. Brilliantly crafted, this novel stays true to its' inspiration while turning it into an amazing, atmospheric and palpable fantasy tale. From the author of the Books of Pellinor, Black Spring is simply incredible.

Author: Kerry Drewery
HarperCollinsChildrensBooks; 2012 
ISBN: 9780007446575

Lina is a 17 year-old girl, much like any other. She dreams of the future and makes big plans; she wants to go to university and study architecture, she wants to fall in love and be happy. Lina wants what we all want. But Lina lives in Iraq, and her world is torn apart by war. The over-hanging face of Saddam is everywhere, as are the Americans and their bombs.  While longing for freedom and safety, Lina must question everyday what that means. Lina is a strong character to which we all can relate. She is filled with hopes and just as filled with doubts. And the story itself is a familiar, while the circumstances may not be. It is a story of love for another person, love for a country and a people and love and longing for a life of one’s own. It is about shattered hopes and dreams, and the courage it takes to put them back together again, even though, in the end, they may not quite resemble what they once were. This is not a story for the faint-hearted. It will break your heart, again and again…. and mend it again. And it is refreshing, honest and absolutely beautiful.


ISBN: 9780525478812
Having been diagnosed at age 12 with stage 4 thyroid cancer, Hazel was prepared to die. Then at age 14,a miracle treatment shrunk the tumours in her lungs...for the time being. Hazel could live for years, or she could die at any time, but her days are spent tethered to an oxygen tank and under constant surveillance and treatment to keep the cancer at bay. Hazel is now 16. With her life in a constant holding pattern, Hazel meets Augustus Waters at a cancer support group. Augustus is gorgeous, sharp-witted, in remission and completely attracted to Hazel. As their relationship blossoms and grows, Hazel finds she has to re-examine her attitude about life and death, illness and wellness and love. Their brief journey together leaves a lasting legacy behind that changes everything.
John Green is a magnificent writer. His ability to capture atmosphere, time and place and true voices for all his characters is unparallelled. In this book, we see young people fighting cancer, not as paragons or noble sufferers, but as simply people playing out the hand they have been dealt. There

author: Kathryn Erskine
Caitland is a young living with Asperger's Syndrome. As the story opens, her older brother Devon, who has always helped Caitland make sense of the world around her, has been killed in a tragic school shooting. As the community struggles to deal with the shock of this event, and her father lives with his own grief, Caitland, who cannot make emotions make any sense to her, struggles to cope with her day to day life, which has become totally unknown territory. Learning to empathise, making friends and understanding the extent to which she will have to handle her own life becomes overwhelming. As Caitland makes friends with young Michael, whose mother was also killed in the shooting, she explores the concept of closure and how to get there. This is a truly touching, remarkable and poignant novel that explores two diverse issues.. that of social violence and of the difficulties of living with Asperger's Syndrome. Erskine adeptly gives us insightful views into the affects of both and expands the readers' point of view to give greater understanding of tragedy, loss and recovery. Caitlands' character is expressively written with a rare compassion and poignancy. A very memorable and compelling read.

author: Sally Gardner
Amaryllis is the spoilt, impetuous daughter of the wealthy and elusive entrepreneur Arnold Ruben. In order to atone for his past neglect and to protect his beloved daughter, Ruben has created a 'picture house', designed to hold her safe from the coming devastation of World War II and protect her within the beautiful and pleasant memories of her own past. But every child has the right to grow into adulthood making their own choices and decisions. And a father's love and overprotectiveness can go horribly wrong, despite the best of intentions, especially when combined with a scientific genius.
'The Double Shadow' is a gripping, compelling read which is best described as historical fiction meets sci-fi family drama. Gardner gives us a perfectly crafted portrait of this complex world that is never laboured or burdensome. Her characters give the full spectrum. Neither good guy nor bad guy, it is easy to relate and understand them, and in reading this, you find yourself in the midst of all the action reeling as if you, yourself are in the midst of the picture house living the nightmare entrapment. A thoroughly stunning read for ages 14+.

author: Carach O'Brien
In the future, the earth has become a dry, baked place overheated by a harsh sun. Those who are fortunate enough to live in the Enclave, have the lion's share of food, facilities and priveleges. And those who live outside, like 16 year-old Gaia Stone, struggle to keep going. Gaia is following in her mother's footsteps as a midwife, delivering babies on the outside and handing over a monthly quota of newborns to be 'advanced' to the privileged world of the Enclave. It is her duty. But one night, she returns home to discover that her mother and father have been arrested by the Guard of the Protectorate. They are searching for 'information' left on a coded ribbon. Gaia's life becomes a roller-coaster ride of trauma, as she attempts desparatel to gain entry to the Enclave, find her parents and solve the careful coding of the ribbon. But when all the truths come to light, Gaia discovers much more than she bargained for, and all her loyalties and duties are called into question.
Birthmarked is a truly unique dystopian novel within the fast-growing genre. Complex and yet fast-paced, you feel the quickly shifting changes in Gaia's consciousness as she does. Empathic and very plausible, this is a story that will stay with you, and give you pause for thought.

RECKLESS : a story found and told by Cornelia Funke and Lionel Wigram
written and illustrated by: Cornelia Funk
Through the mirror lies a dark and dangerous world. It is a world Jacob Reckless has been prowling in secret for many years - since his father disappeared; throughout his mother's crippling grief and her untimely death - his own magical world of fear and challenge. One night, his younger brother Will follows him and Jacob's world changes forever. The dark magic found on the other side side of the mirror threatens to turn gentle, patient Will to a Beast, breaking the heart of the girl who loves him and bringing chaos and destruction crashing all around. Unless Jacob can find a way to save them.....
"The night breathed through the apartment like a dark animal.".....
Thus begins 'Reckless', the first book in a new series by Cornelia Funke. And like a dark animal, this story moves through the reader with stealth and ease. Written around Funke's own knowledge and memories of the fairy tales of the Brother's Grimm, which haunt every chapter, 'Reckless' is simply amazing. The fairy-tale world behind the mirror is palpable. Colours, scents and sounds are all vibrant throuth the use of language and plot construction. The central characters, Jacob and Will Reckless (themselves direct references to the famous story-collecting brothers) and their relationships with each other and the other characters populating the mirror realm are carefully crafted and complex. Every element of the plotline has been clearly considered and developed to it's fullest potential, yet breathes easily on the page. There are moments throughout where there is need for more information, more clarity and the story leaves the reader questioning. But at these times, it also becomes clear that patience is required for the story to unfold and evolve, as in original fairytales. All will be revealed, if not in this book, then in the next. Funke's skill as a storyteller and knowledge of the function of this tradition truly shines through here. Each character is familiar, yet wearing new clothes that allows for a contemporary understanding of it's old fairytale counterpart. These are landscapes we know all too well from our stories and from our dreams; and then we meet them again with new eyes. It is so obviously fantasy, yet seems so real. 'Reckless' is a triumph. And one you will want to return to again and again.

The Healing Wars (1): The Pain Merchants     author: Janice Hardy
Nya is a Taker, someone who can extract pain, injury and illness from others. But unlike the other normal Takers, unlike her sister Tali and those who have become apprentices to the highly esteemed Healer's League, Nya cannot seem to deposit the extracted pain into the enchanted metal, pynvium. In fact, Nya has a deadly secret that she must keep from the Healer's League... and the pain merchants. Nya can extract pain and injury from one person, and deposit it into another. When her secret is revealed, and a tragic ferry accident floods the city with the injured, and Takers, including her sister begin to disappear from the Healer's League, Nya's ability is suddenly in high demand. As this incident evolves into a full-blown war, Nya is thrown intp direct conflict with her principles and her own endurance, as her deadly powers may be the only thing that will save her sister's life. How far will she go... and at what cost?
This is an excellent dystopian fantasy that plays on a fascination with the darker side of healing. The characters are not simply black-and-white. They are full, well-rounded in their personalities and relationships, and the reader's ability to develop a relationship is easy. You feel for these people and are pulled into their world. Both heroes and villains alike have very believable personalities and motivations. The first of a trilogy, 'The Pain Merchants' reads like a complete story in and of itself, while leaving enough (but not too many) open threads for the sequels to come. I can't wait!

Delirium     author: Lauren Oliver
What if love were a disease? In a future time, not too distant, this is exactly what love is... amor deliria nervosa... a horrific disease that can take your sanity and your life from you. Fortunately, the scientists have discovered a cure. Lena Haloway is just months away from her eighteenth birthday, the age at which the government has decreed that all citizens will receive the cure in order to eradicate love from the population. And Lena has been looking forward to this day for a very long time. It's the day that she becomes free and safe from the disease that took her mother from her and will give her a happy, peaceful, successful life. But just a few short months before her procedure, she becomes 'infected'.... and the reality of all the laws and regulations, of everything she has learned and held dear, begins to unravel rapidly. Lena
'Delirium' is well-written and founded on a very intriguing concept of a fundamentalism gone horrifically rampant. With genuine voices and perfect characterisations, Oliver creates a unique dystopian world that conjures a very real sense of the bewilderment and fear that we all feel when approaching our own moments of serious adulthood and responsibility. The texture of the world and the situations within it are palpable. A compulsive, exciting read that will stay with you long after you put the book down.

The Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight    author: Jenny Valentine
When a young runaway boy finds himself in custody in a juvenile detention centre, he is mistaken for another missing boy. This is totally understandable, as the missing boy looks exactly like him. So he assumes a new identity and becomes Cassiel Roadnight. His 'older sister' collects him and takes him home, to a new family who don't seem to notice that anything is amiss. As he takes on his new role, 'Cassiel' unearths a series of earth-shattering family secrets and, in the end, discovers the truth, not only about Cassiel Roadnight, but about who he really is as well. This is typical, brilliant Jenny Valentine. Since her first novel, 'Finding Violet Park' was first published in 2007, Valentine has delivered stunning fiction for young adults, dealing with timely and evocative life issues and telling, quite frankly, astounding, gripping stories. '....Cassiel Roadnight' is no exception to this told in an extremely readable and relatable voice, this one is another must read.

 Revolution      author: Jennifer Donnelly
This book begins with the story of Andi; a very typical theme in contemporary teen fiction. Andi lives in New York, trying to cope with the innumerable and drastic changes in her young life following the accidental death of her younger brother. Her father has remarried, her mother is barely coping and Andi finds herself in real trouble. When her father takes her to Paris in an attempt to keep her under control and help her get aholdcaptivaed by Alex's story and the similarities she feels between herself and Alex, her brother Truman and the Lost Dauphin Louis-Charles. What follows is a brilliant 'dialogue' of the two stories, expressing so much about the nature of grief and love, coming of age and taking responsibilty and coming to terms with life itself. What seems like a slow-starter turns into a compelling, captivating read in and of itself, with excellent characterisation and magnificent nuances and layers. A story that will remain with you for a long time. (Much like Donnelly's earlier work 'A Gathering Light'.... also highly recommended.)

Two Good Thieves   author: Daniel Finn

Demi is the best, the fastest, the luckiest child thief in an unnamed South American city. Baz has his back; she's always on the alert, watching, waiting, running. They both know how to keep their mouths shut. But when Baz and Demi steal something very valuable from the police chief's wife and give it to their boss and mother figure, Fay, for safe keeping, they need all the luck they can get.  Baz and Demi discover that they have no one they can trust; that keeping Fay 'safe' no longer guarantees anything. Dramatically, their life in the Barrio rapidly unravels and Baz decides to get them up-country, to a place where they can disappear into freedom, even if it means leaving the only life they've ever known. 
This novel is no light, easy read, but rather a piercing portrait of young lives trapped in the balance. Finn gives us a work of relentless, unpredictable action. The narrative of 'Two Good Thieves' is largely written in dialect form, which causes some difficulty, but is necessary to establish the atmosphere. While avoiding the use of gratuitous violence and seediness, he developes a sense of place where life is cheap, people are expendable, and good and bad have no meaning. A contemporary 'Oliver Twist', 'Two Good Thieves' is a strong and worthy read that endure long after the book is finished.


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