Niamh Sharkey; an amazing Children's Laureate

Niamh Sharkey reading to children in a bookshop in Belfast.
I just came across this article by Niamh Sharkey (thanks to the equally amazing Maeve Friel) entitled 'Why I Want to Give a Book to Every Child in Ireland.'... an incredible and important idea that needs much support! IN the UK, BookTrust do this with free books to children at birth, to encourage children's literacy. But books in the hands of all children do much more than this... they begin a life long journey of literacy, imagination, creativity, investigation, curiosity. Books help children learn how to think (not what to think) and expand awareness. The challenging times we live in require, and are going to require even more, creative thought process and understanding. And, books offer a much needed escape from the pressures and stress surrounding all children. We know this. You're never lonely; you're never bored if you love books. Now, here's a quote from the article (link below) from Niamh herself.
"I believe children are never too young to start enjoying books! Sharing stories and reading pictures enriches children’s lives and fuels their imagination. Parents provide a good reading role model; if your kids see you reading, they will be encouraged to. I’d encourage families to read together."
Niamh, if there's anything I can do to help achieve this goal, let me know. I'm right behind you... every child should have books of their own!


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