World Book Day Extravaganza 2012!!!!

I'm really excited about this year's World Book Day events at Dubray Books, Galway! I've got an  all-star cast lined up and it gets better day by day. So far, we'll be hosting reading events for the local schools by such wonderful authors/story-tellers as.....

Patricia Forde, Rab Swannock Fulton, Kevin Whelan, Dolores Keaveney.....

Maeve Friel and Nicola Pierce!!!! There are a few more requests to authors outstanding... and, of course there is the regular cast and crew of Dubray Books, Galway (if there's any room left for us!)

The events will take place this year from Monday, 27th February through Friday, March 2nd. I'll be contacting the schools for confirmation of their attendance through the next 10 days.

THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!!! Stay tuned for more exciting news about World Book Day!


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