I'm about to spend some time doing a spot of 'redecorating' here at Fallen Star Stories. How successful I'll be, well, I'm not sure. (Just not that computer literate) This is for my own purposes really... an attempt to keep fresh and lively... not necessarily 'up to date', whatever that may mean in terms of the blogosphere. I just feel the desire for something a bit different staring at me when I open up my site.
When I get back to posting, it may look different, it may not.
I do want to thank all of you who follow this blog, and those of you who may not follow, but spend some time in your week checking in.
Oh, and before I forget, I want to express an BIG thank you to those wonderful people at Indigo. Someone there has been reading my blog and used a quote from Fallen Star Stories on the promotional poster (and it's on Amazon!) for 'Double Shadow' by Sally Gardner. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... it really made my whole year when I saw that!!!!


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