R.I.P. Russell Hoban

True legend and most beloved author Russell Hoban has passed away at the age of 86. While his work was prolific to say the least, and he wrote across many genres, Hoban found his biggest comercial success with his children's books: The Mouse and His Child, The Marzipan Pig, and (my personal favourites) the Frances the Badger series: Bedtime for Frances was read over and over in our home.
It is fair to say that Hoban could be described as a maverick writer with truly original, creative gifts and talents and a unique ability to turn a plotline. His vision was truly unique in all his writing.
Hoban died last evening, 13th December. His unique vision, which was easily expressed in all his writings, will be remembered with great love and joy, and he will be truly missed.
Russell Hoban - born 4 February, 1925 died 13 December, 2011


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