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Nothing helps young readers develop more than being read to at home. It helps them in school, helps their literacy and their imagination grow, and it creates a lifetime of memories and a deep love of books. Here's a few suggestions from this years' books for the whole family to gift, own and enjoy (in no particular order.)

Sally Go Round The Stars by Sarah Webb & Claire Ranson, illustrated by Steve McCarthy
A real treasure trove of traditional Irish rhymes from everybodys' childhood. This beautifully illustrated book will bring another generation of young readers the rhymes we knew from our own youths'. Pure delight! This is a must have for your home collection! (Royalties from this book all go to the National Children's Hospital Tallaght).

Nursery Rhymes (with CD) by The Speks
Loads of old nursery rhymes set to traditional Irish music, this will have the whole family up and dancing and singing along. Just brilliant! (And if you haven't caught one of the Speks gigs, yet, look out for them next year.... they're currently stuck on Glasses Island due to the winter weather!)

Again! by Emily Gravett
It's time for little dragon to go to sleep, so of course the favourite bedtime story is a must. But once is never enough. When Mummy dragon falls asleep from sheer exhaustion, there are extraordinary consequences to not heeding the pleas of AGAIN! AGAIN! A tale to which every child and their parents can relate, this is destined to become a firm favourite.

The Magic Beans by Julia Donaldson, Philip Pullman, Michael Morpurgo... et al
The very best authors in childrens' fiction have given us a dazzling anthology of tales to delight, entertain and infuse the imaginations of readers young and old. Rather than original writings, the authors have re-crafted the traditional stories that inspired and enthused them as children.

Even My Ears Are Smiling by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Babette Cole
No one can write poems that speak to the hearts and minds of children like Michael Rosen. Here's his new collection of poems that are insightful, accessible and just plain fun! The contemporary, quirky illustrations by Babette Cole work in perfect complement to Rosen's trademark voice.

The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Alex Scheffler
The Highway Rat is a thief extraordinaire. He steals from all and shares with no one. None of the animals are safe from his greed and stealth. But will he finally meet his match in the form of a cunning duck? Rollicking, rhythmic... a classic from the team that gave us the Gruffalo.

The Cat and the Fiddle by Jackie Morris
This is a purely beautiful and elegant collection of nursery rhymes with exquisite illustrations, each one a perfect work of art. As you read through the book, watch each page closely where you find illustrated references of previous pages. This allows this book to become a journey through the land of rhyme... and a book that will be taken down and leisurely pondered through for hours on end.

Wanted: the Perfect Pet by Fiona Robertson
Henry wants a dog more than anything else in the world, so he takes out an ad in the newspaper to find 'the perfect pet'. Far away a lonely duck wants to be the perfect pet, but can't seem to find a home. Then the duck sees the ad and comes up with a (not so cunning) plan. This book is heart-warming and, frankly, hysterical!

Lost In The Toy Museum by David Lucas
Ever wondered what happens when at night in the toy museum when the visitors go home and the lights go out? Bunting, the old and very sensible cat does his best to keep an eye on everything, but all the other toys just want to have some fun! Wonderful storyline matched with great, colourful, contemporary illustrations make this one to read again and again.

Usborne Illustrated Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales
Twelve classic fairy tales from the pen of Hans Christian Andersen, retold for younger children and illustrated with pure enchantment, this is another in the Usborne Illustrated Story collection... all of which deserve a place on the family bookshelf to share with all.


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