One Book One Galway

Tomorrow marks the launch of the One Book One Galway reading project. This launch is taking place in the Galway Museum at 11am. Thoroughout November, there will be a number of activities taking place at various libraries in Galway; workshops with the wonderful Rab Fulton, local writer and famed storyteller of spooky (and other) tales; the Intergenerational Book Club will meet at the Westside Library... well, just have a look at the website and you'll see for yourself!
The aim of this incentive, promoted by the Home School and Community Liaison officers, is to get all of Galway city reading one particular book over one month. And the book selected is Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. This is a truly wonderful book that will be thoroughly enjoyed by children and adults alike. So, it's time to show your support and enthusiasm for reading. Visit your local libraries, your favourite bookshop.... and get your hands on a copy of Kensuke's Kingdom!
If you want any further information on the project, contact One Book One Galway at


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