Irish Book Awards... and the winners are....

Of course, we are talking about the winners of the children's categories, just announced this evening.
For the senior category, the winner is : Anna Carey for her wonderful, funny, fresh novel 'The Real Rebecca'! Congratulations, Anna!!!!

And in the junior category, the winner is:
 that lively, colourful and delightfully expressive picturebook, 'The Lonely Beast' by Chris Judge. Congratulations, Chris!!!!


  1. Hi Mary,
    Given the nature of your blog, I just had to search my brothers name, and there he is; Chris Judge! Thanks so much for mentioning him so much, we are all very excited for him with the success of The Lonely Beast, as well as his other two books. I can tell you, there is more where that came from and some exciting things on the horizon for him!
    All the best, Ciara


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