Little Island Presents.... Annie Graves!

Just in time for the build up to that creepiest of times, Halloween, those brilliant and brave folks at Little Island have faced their fears and published this wonderful and weird, creative and creepy series of books by Annie Graves. WHAT? You've never heard of Annie Graves?!? Well, I'll just quote the bio from Little Island....

Annie Graves is twelve years old, and she has no intention of ever growing up. She is, conveniently, an orphan, and lives at an undisclosed address in the Glasnevin area of Dublin with her pet toad, Much Misunderstood, and a small black kitten, Hugh Shalby Nameless. You needn’t think she goes to school – pah! – or has anything as dull as brothers and sisters or hobbies, but let’s just say she keeps a large cauldron on the stove. 
This is not her first book. She has written four, so far, none of which is her first.

And I have to say, the books are great.. truly creepy, but great. So if you're planning a bit of a story-sharing party for the season, may I suggest that you check The Nightmare Club series. There are four so far, but Annie herself assures us that there will be more.


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